Honda vs. Oldsmoble

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  • Larry

    Believe it or not I've purchased two cars (Oldsmobile) through the Borg connection - The Circuit Leasing Group. Admittedly both cars were pretty reliable and pretty maintenance free. The first car I brought from them I had to pick it up at Bethel, a brother was driving it up from Texas. The folks were very accommodating, in fact. I got the car, keys. papers, etc without paying any money. They trusted that my check would clear, etc. Even when I went to Bethel (360 Furman) to pick it up, the brother holding it didn't even ask me for ID. Every year they send me a JW calendar, pads, key chains, etc. Of course they don't know my current status as a JW :)

    Anyway, the 2nd car is getting old and I'm going to get a Honda Accord (I always wanted one.) Any one have a new Honda and could you tell me how you like it? I've already read all the reviews on line, but I just wanted to hear personal testimonies.

    Peace - LL

  • worldly girl
    worldly girl

    Hi Larry!! My family as a whole are avid Honda Fans... I personally drive a 1991 Honda Accord LX with 170+ miles on it and it drives like a dream.... The interior is great.... with minor flaws. I take pride in my car.... and take good care of it! All I can tell you is that I've owned a Toyota, Nissan, Ford and 2 Hondas and now I will drive Hondas only, with Nissan trailing right behind! The hondas... any make are great w/ mileage and have the most up to date equipement on their interior..... We will be traveling to Atlanta GA in September to a car show made up of mostly Hondas if that tells you anything about how much we like them!! Good luck to you and your new investment, I'm sure you'll love it! Keep me updated as to how you like it!!


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  • openminded

    I have owned 2 Hondas(96 accord 4door and 2000 accord 2-door - automatics - both driven by the wife primarily). They were both excellent cars. They require little to no maintenence other than oil and fluid checks. They handle well in town and on the highway and have clean interiors. I noticed few Jap cars when I was in Europe and I wonder why...they are very popular in the upper-midwest USA. om

  • seawolf

    hi Larry,

    Just bought a 2002 Honda Accord EX V6. Love it! It's smooth and quiet and, hopefully, should be as reliable as they come.

    There will be an all-new 2003 Accord coming out in about ~2 months or so. Should have more power and be bigger and have all the latest juicy stuff they stick in them these days. We thought about waiting for the 2003, but we wanted a reliable car and since the current Accord is in its 5th year, we figured it would be the most reliable.

    Any more questions feel free to ask!


  • Francois

    I had an 86 Prelude. Best car I ever owned. Had 208K miles when I turned it over to my son. My only complaint was there was NO PLACE in that entire car to sit a drink down. It was the old crotch holder or nothing. I'm still sterile to this day.


  • witchywoman

    Larry, you don`t have to worry about becoming sterile, my 2000 Accord has a cup holder that you can hide from site.

    It was reccomended by a mechanic that I purchase a Honda after all of the junk (some pretty old cars) that I had been trying to drive finally bit the dust for good.

    I had an 88 Accord that ended up giving out because of my own negligence. I promised myself that as soon as I could I would get another. BTW I love my car! Plan on keeping her too!


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  • jack2

    Consumer Reports always praises the Accord, and the reliablity of most Honda vehicles is reportedly well above par.

    As for Olds, a dead brand name now that GM has announced that they plan to eliminate that line.

  • badwillie

    2000 Honda Civic w/ 36,000 miles

    so far, 3 years of problem-free enjoyment. great cars!

  • Fredhall

    Hey All,

    Older Oldmobiles have good engines. I could reach 95 mile per hour smoothly with it.

  • AjaxMan


    Check a lot of auto publications and Consumer Reports. Compare the Honda with the OldsMobile using these publications, then make your decision. I personally own a Honda Accord as it has a good history of reliability for the last 10-15 years. I've never owned an OldsMobile.



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