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  • Englishman

    What a day of mixed emotions yesterday turned out to be.

    First off, I discovered that someone had bounced a sizable cheque on me. 1600 pounds to be precise, ouch. Her ladyship calmed me down and explained, as everywhere was closed on Sunday, that there was nothing to be done until Monday, so, Big Fella, put it from your mind!

    Okeydokey, I said, lets fill up the day with things that will stop me brooding about it, let's go have some fun! So:

    First off a trip to Bristol to watch "Goldmember" in one of those high-tech cinema's where you sit in an armchair in front of a screen that seems about 3 miles wide, complete with umpteen track stereo sound. What a laugh it was too. I thought that "Dixie" -full name Dixie Normous - was a real stunner. I also enjoyed the shadow scene where Austin appears to have developed a third limb to be pretty hilarious stuff.

    We came home around 6pm, we then recalled that there was a local "Proms in the park" event scheduled for that evening. It wasn't cheap either at 18 pounds each, but, what the heck, its only money, hah! We rounded up 2 garden chairs, a bottle of OZ Chardonnay and a small bottle of Jack Daniels and walked around to the park just as the concert was starting. Here's the programme:

    I have to tell you that the soprano's rendition of "O mio bambino caro" had us both brushing away a tear, it was so moving. Slowly the pace heated upuntil we got into the patriotic stuff with all the flag waving, followed by a magnificent firerwork display to finish, all done to synch with the William Tell overture. We finished up with friends in the pub to conclude a superb evening.

    Reality hit this morning, when I awoke to recall that I was still 1600 pounds out of pocket. Urgh! Still, HL and I went out for breakfast, carry on as normal being our watchword. Suddenly, my mobile phone rang. It was number 2 son informing me that a lady had just called around, she was very sorry to have bounced a cheque on me, and had left 1600 pounds in ready cash to replace it!!!

    So now I am a very happy bunny after a super weekend when everything finally came out all right!

    Englishman marvelling at life's vagaries..

  • Prisca

    Glad things turned out well for you and HL. Nice to see how positive thinking can turn lemons into lemonade (although they were never lemons in the first place!)

    I love watching the Proms on the tv here (filmed in the UK). Even as a JW, I loved it when they sang Rule Britannia, it's a stirring piece, especially when the whole audience joins in!

  • ashitaka


    Your ladyship can calm the same as mine can...she can calm me anytime.

    And 1600 pounds? I'd be pretty mad myself.

    It's nice when everything works out ok. Sounds like a nice concert, too, a beautiful evening.


  • Sentinel


    Isn't it amazing how our emotions can ride that rollercoaster for awhile. Up, down, all around. Whewww. Sure glad everything turned out for you in the end.

    Sounds like your mate is quite a lady!

    Have a great day! By the way, I finally got to see "Trucker" on one of the posted pictures from your bar-by. Thanks again.


  • sunshineToo

    I'm glad the day turned out to be better than what you expected in the beginning.

  • meat pie
    meat pie

    Very glad it all worked out OK for you, and you didn't let a possible really bad thing get you both down!.


    Hey E-man,I`m happy everything turned out for you.I would have loved to have gone to that concert in the park.How much is a pound?Could you tell me in American or Canadian dollars,Thanks...OUTLAW

  • Englishman

    Hmm, an English pound = about $1.60. Strangely, the Euro would seem to be on a par with the US $, so maybe we are already well on the way to a global economy.


  • GatoCat

    Hooray! Ah, glad to hear all worked out well for you. The musical selections you took in have a few I'd love to hear, too. Must have been a pleasure for you both.

  • HappyHeathen


    What do you think of Mike Meyer's accent? Was it pretty authentic? To an American ear, it sounds pretty good, but I always wondered if it could fool someone who is British.

    Some English and Australian actors do wonderful American accents (like Cate Blanchette or Kate Nelligan), but for some reason, it doesn't work so well the other way around!


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