The Downward Spiral

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  • Farkel

    Almost twenty years ago Jim Penton mentioned that the WTS was losing its brightest and best members in far greater percentages than its not-so-brightest and not-so-best . This malaise was jump-started with Rutherford's attack on "higher education" and in recent years has backfired on the society. The WTS has promoted low-tech education and employment in a high-tech world and is reaping the very whirlwind it has created.

    Most recently we've seen another whirlwind the society has created: it is hunting down and executing its best examples of caring, concerned Christians: people like Joe and Barbara Anderson, Bill Bowen and a whole host of unnamed others who are trying to be exemplary Christians, even if it means standing up to the unchristian policies and doctrines of the Watchtower.

    Successful Watchtower recruits are unlikely to be educated people simply because in the pre-indoctrination process, educated people are likely to spot the doctrinal inconsistencies, the fallacious reasoning and the double-standards that are a part of Watchtower life. And those in that category who do get recruited are not likely to last long for the very same reasons I've just stated.

    When the creme-de-la-creme Watchtower members are forced out and they are leaders in the religion, replacements must be found for the hierarchical Watchtower structure to be maintained. Therefore, their replacements are less-qualified, less-spiritual and less aware. The leaders of the Watchtower have proven themselves to be mean-spirited, self-glorifying uneducated and uncaring humans. As such, they bring into their circles of influence people like themselves and punish or at the very least, don't reward people not like themselves. The qualities of goodness, charity, kindness and a thirst for genuine truth and a life of real meaning are not only not-rewarded by Watchtower leaders, but those possessing those qualities are discouraged and even punished.

    Thus, the Watchtower has created it's own self-destruct cycle:

    Bitter, mean, and bullying men of lesser intelligence and education are replacing men of higher character. Dumbed-down men are replacing thinking, educated men. The people who are not leaving are the very ones who are causing the Watchtower the most trouble. Many of them are the dregs of human society: dysfunctional, one-dimensional, power hungry, self-consumed and vindictive.

    But that makes them exactly like their Watchtower leaders, doesn't it?

    This cycle doesn't need to go through many more iterations before Jehovah's Witnesses will become exclusively a Cult of brain dead moronic robots filled with rage and self-loathing.

    Perhaps it has already reached that point. After nearly 70 years of entrenched Rutherfordism, the Watchtower Society has fully reaped what it has sown. That end result is a collection of sub-par, sub-standard-, sub-thinking, sub-caring humans who despise everyone but themselves and who have deluded themselves into thinking that THEY are the real creme-de-la-creme out of all humans on the planet whose destiny is to seed a cleansed planet with clones of themselves.

    Can anyone think of a situation sadder than that?


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    Hey farkel,yeah it is sad.By forcing out the intellectuals,only to be replaced by ill educated yes men with no morals or concience.They will end up with a membership that more resembles the cast of the movie "Deliverence". I can see it now,a Watchtower in one hand and a banjo in the other..LOL...OUTLAW

  • sunshineToo

    Yes, it'll be so sad:

    when You Know loses another bet and has to file for bankrupcy

    when Bleep cries out loud for being flunked in his math class

    when FredHall finds out his "puddy love" has been broken. ***

    But really seriously Farkel, it is tragic.

    ***No offense was intended. I'm just joking.

  • SYN

    Pretty soon they'll be competing with Enron in the Creative Accounting department!

  • Ice Blue
    Ice Blue

    Tut-tut Farkel, did you not read 1Cor 3:19? We all know Jehovah chooses only the foolish. I'm not sure how I feel about that........

  • bluesapphire

    Farkel, this is the first time I have heard anyone call them the "creme-de-la-creme". That totally and completely describes the attitude of these idiots. They DO believe they are the CDLC.

    Incidentally, I do know of one educated person who became a witness and is still a hard-core witness despite having a BA in Sociology. That's my sister. No matter what she sees, no matter how much she studied about cults and religions, no matter what she studied about human nature ... she still believes she is in the "truth" and no one else has the "truth." About a year ago she gave up a good career in her field to work part time and pioneer. She shuns me to the most rediculous degree (walks sideways so as not to even face my direction) even though I am not DA or DF.

    She once was a very intelligent, loving, beautiful girl. Everybody who met her loved her immediately. Recently she ran into a group of her old friends. This is what they had to say, "E has changed. She is not the same person at all." And this was from a group of people who would never say anything bad about anyone. So imagine what they really thought. The truth is that every day I see her become more and more mean-spirited, arrogant and pharisaic. They take the good in people and throw it in a garbage disposal. And those who want to remain good have no choice but to leave.

  • Truth2Me

    I remember reading in one of Raymond Franz's books that the only member of the Governing Body who had any formal training in the scriptures, was his uncle, I think that was Fred Franz? Fred Franz being considered the "scholar" of the Society......he was also the ONLY memeber of the New World Translation Translation Committee who had enough training in the ancient languages to do a little translating.

    SO......It was a big shock to me to find out that the guys running the show in Brooklyn knew less about the Bible than a 21 yr old fresh out of Bible College.....SOOOOOO SAD!!!!

    Another thing....

    I knew a sister who went to Bethel on her own, having been raised in the World, and becoming a Witless when she was an adult and working as a chiropracter.....Funny how the Society discourages post-high school education...yet they want educated people to serve at Bethal. I've seen the form applicants fill out to apply for Bethal Service.....and unless you are a brother whose healthy and fresh outta probably aint' gettin' accepted unless you have a degree in something they need you for, like a doctor etc.

    When I met the Witlesses I was about to start my senoir year of highschool. I was very depressed at the time. I was very venerable. Well, because of the Society's feelings about school...I didn't even graduate...and I didnt care. All I wanted to do was pioneer....which I was never able to do. I struggle very hard to get where I am, and it's been a few years and I've got a good job....but it's been a battle to support myself. If only I was encouarged to focus on my education more back then...but alas...God took care of me anyway.

    That's my two cents,


  • YoursChelbie
    dysfunctional, one-dimensional, power hungry, self-consumed and vindictive.


    I personally know several elders and elder-wanna-bes who fit this exact description. I feel sorry for them and at the same time I'm glad that I made the choice not to be in the same organization with them.

    Very well said.


  • Faraon

    Ice Blue

    Tut-tut Farkel, did you not read 1Cor 3:19? We all know Jehovah chooses only the foolish. I'm not sure how I feel about that...

    Don't scare me, since DA myself, I always said that the bible was not the truth, and now you are putting doubts in my head

  • plmkrzy

    Future Joke

    Why was JR Brown skimming the Bible while on his death bed?

    He was looking for loopholes.

    I dare anyone to tell me that isn't funny.

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