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  • Trauma_Hound

    I have many issues with calling pot the gateway drug, because I've done coke one time in my life, and it wasn't because I was smoking pot, it was because I was drinking alcohol at the time, I never did it again, and I've smoke pot in moderation since I was 16, it's not something I regularly do, and honestly I could go years (which I have done) without smoking it, in fact I don't think I've really bought any weed in like 10 years. And ask any policeman, what he would rather deal with, someone high on pot, or someone that's drunk.

  • Satanus

    People love to blame the drugs that messed up kids do, when the kids get into trouble. They don't like to think about how or who messed up the kids in the first place.

    The whole pharmaceutical, doctor, drug, street drug issue is similar to organised religion advocating against heretics and nonbelievers. Organised religions like people to join and practice religion their way, under their priests/fathers/elders/pastors. They frown on any religious exercises that they didn't prescribe. The powers that be want all people to buy only doctor prescribed drugs, made by pharmeceutical companies. Private, homegrown drug practice is advocated against.

    Street drugs can be used wrongly. That where education comes in. More and more people are now in positions to give kids the 'straight dope', so to speak, the right info on safe private drug use. It's a pity More govt don't get in on this. It makes a lot more sense than the phoney war on drugs.


  • CoolBreeze

    I would definately agree that moderation is the key here. With the exception of anything that requires injection, I have tried just about about every mind altering substance I could find. Everything from mild euphorics such as Kava-Kava, to hardcore stimulants such as methamphedamines and cocaine, as well as mild to heavy hallucinigenics. While I would not advocate this sort of experimentation to anyone, for me it has definately been an educational experience.

    It is my personal conclusion that no drug is inherently evil or destructive. What is destructive, is our lack of moderation. Not just with drugs, but with all things that bring any sort of discernable pleasure. Throughout the western world (the lands of plenty) we find that 60% of the population is overweight, and 25% are morbidly obese. The same people that can't say no to that extra slice of pizza or to the offer to "Super-size" thir fast food meal, are the same people who want that next line of cocaine, or just a few more drinks before the bar closes. This is of course at the point before physical addiction sets in.

    I have a teenaged son, and instead of worring about prohibiting the use of this substance or that, I am focusing on teaching him about moderation and self control.

    In conclusion, the policy of "Just say No" has been a dismal failure, as it's only outcome has been to make the forbidden more alluring, and therefore much more tempting to overindulge in any given substance when available.

    Just my opinion of course,

  • SixofNine

    It makes me think that perhaps if adults didn't LIE to children about the danger of marijuana, the children wouldn't be so quick to discount and ignore the advice those adults give them about truly dangerous drugs.

    The sad thing is that the lie is so transparent. It doesn't take a scientist to know that a person who drinks alcohol, but demonises pot, is not a person to listen to for advice on such matters. .

    I don't know if your kids should be "worshipping" canibus, lol, but I know they are far more informed on the matter than you are, Happyman. Why not try listening and learning something from them?

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