restoring a hard drive

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  • FrankRaven

    I have a hard drive that crashed twice.I bought this computer from Computer Renaissance(used computers).And I saw a Gateway store across the street.Read on...........

    On 5/15/2002 my wife and I came up to Davenport,from macomb Illinois,to purchase a computer.We looked around in Gateway,then the Computer Renaissance.We were told at the Computer Renaissance that their computers were less expensive and were just as reliable as Gateways.So we bought a computer there.When we returned home the CD Drive was a little slow,but to me it was new,so I over looked it for a few days.

    Then I purchased a CD game and it still ran slowly.A few days later I placed the same CD game into my wife's CD drive and the game ran smoothly.Then I called your store,explaining the slow CD Drive.So I made arriagements to come back up there so to make sure the manager was in plus the tech was there.So when I did arrive not only wasn't the manager in neither was the tech.For 2 hours I tried to talk about the CD-Drive,including just trading it for a newer one.Finally it was agreeed to change CPUs,from a Dell to a Compaq.

    Within a week the CPU just shut down for some reason.So I called and made arrianged to bring it back within a week.

    As I got there the tech said there was nothing wrong with it.All it needed was to restore WIN98.I told them something was wrong with the Hard Drive.It never kept anything.The tech insisted nothing was wrong,but to restore it.So I returned home and to the suggestion of the tech I restored all the systems.

    It kept shutting down and I kept on restoring the WIN98.So one day,about 7/23/2002 I ran a scandisk on the system.It shut down twice before the scandisk ran without a problem.But the Scandisk came up with over a 1/2 million bits of "bad sectors."Every time I turn on the computer,it has to restore all registeries.I called on that date,7/23/2002,and talked to a tech there and he said it maybe on the way to crash.The hard drive has crashed 2 or 3 times in the few past months.When I was up there I told them the Hard Drive couldn't hold a thing.The Tech said it just needed to be restored.He didn't hear me..he just walked off.

    So...your computers are just as good as Gateway?With a Gateway the computer wouldn't have crashed so soon,plus I wouldn't need it repared so many times within 90 days.

    In my opinion,your store gives misleading information to the public,take their money,which you did not earn,then refuse to do anything else.

    With my experience with your store,I'd never recommand it to anyone.I'm retired,52 and should never have to come over 200 miles,each time,to see if you can repair the computer.I've told the store,on a few times,that it's,almost,impossible,to get up to the store for my illness.

    Now the warranty is passed and probably you'll ignore this E-mail.

    I'm going to send this somewhere I'm not sure,but thanks for stealing my money,my time,my efforts for trying to resolve this problem without the help of you...........

    Rev Franklin Decker......

    ( [email protected])

  • scootergirl

    We own two Gateways and two Dells. I have to say, I was sold on Gateway (hence the second one) then my hubby bought himself a Dell. He really like it the fourth one we bought was a Dell. I haven't had any trouble w/my Dell except for the damn hard drive failing (this of course AFTER the warranty was expired!). I truely believe it is the excessive heat and humidity and the fact that it was on ALL the time due to our networked systems and our satellite connection (always someone on it at sometime or another).


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