Local jw youths 'dropping like flies'

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  • jack2

    The local count of disfellowshipings and reproofs, just from what I personally have heard, in recent months - 7 df'd , 2 public reproofs. And this is just from what I have heard. All involve persons around age 21 and younger.

  • In_between_days

    Jack, the youth ARE dropping like flys, why? Well I firmly beleive it's due to technology (the internet) and education (college) .

    These are two elements that have previously had no place in the WT organisation. And now they do. More JW's than ever are now going to uni and college and with that comes critisism, intellegent discussion and the internet - what do you think the result would be from this? More education obviously means less ignorance.

    Watch the WT try to ban these elements very soon.

    What do you think?

  • ozziepost
    Watch the WT try to ban these elements very soon.

    I thought they already were!

    Seems to me......

    it's like the Catholic banning contraceptives. No-one takes any notice. The same way more and more Dubs are taking no notice of the GB's prohibitions.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • MikeMusto

    I believe it is from the fact that "this generation" is no longer pushed as nearing the 90 year mark......

    so the kids are seeing that many parents may live into the their 90's with no financial protection. Who

    want to live like this? Not I !!

  • nancee park
    nancee park

    Too, what does the WTS do for the teens and children?

    For that matter what does it do to serve the very elderly?

    It tells everybody that they as "individuals" can do nice things like hold a get-together for the youth or go by and mow the yard of someone in their 90s, but it itself does zilch.

    Of course the UN affiliation and pedophile coverups scandals also cause the youth to quit.

  • Pistoff

    HERE is what they did for me growing up:

    Instilled fear and guilt about sexuality, esp the "sin" of masturbation
    Instilled a disdain for higher education, as the new order was a matter of months away
    Discouraged saving for the future, as we were going to throw money into the streets, remember?
    Discouraged organized sports, because some might be stumbled by competition(but leagues at bethel were ok, somehow)
    GUARANTEED a high rate of problems in marriages by ACTIVELY prosecuting instances of premarital sex; thus many young people marry before the age of 20, before they know who they are and who they want to marry
    DESTROYED the concept of christian conscience in decision making, by first telling us we must follow our conscience, and then telling us what our consciences should or should not allow
    Replaced the fear of imaginary hellfire with the very REAL threat of death by disfellowshipping for any number of infractions
    Developed a strong case of cognitive dissonance by telling us early in our studying what God required, only to find out that there were a LOT more things that could get us disfellowshipped.

    SO, don't say that they didn't do anything for young people.

    pistoff still

  • jack2

    In between days, I agree that the factors you mention play a part, and pistoff, yes, you added some interesting and true points too.

    In the cases I mentioned, all, from what I had heard, were due to fornication. No surprise there I guess. Young ones have a tough enough time meeting the high standards, and the constant demands of the jw religion just add to the pressure. Being told that they can't do this, and can't do that, as mentioned by pistoff, surely contribute to their frustration. Add to that the fact that when they do something wrong, it's announced to a Hall full of people.

  • eyegirl

    all i can really add about growing up JW is that i was miserable. my sister was taken away when i was 8. my mother was/is a self-righteous holier-than-thou. i had no friends. all i wanted was to die, because then i would have no more emotional pain. the last 2 years have been the best of my life and they only keep getting better. truly excited to see what my future brings now.

  • minimus

    youths are dropping like flies because all the meetings are so boring! many just are sick of a double life too and besides, no other youths are left....so it's time to make new friends with "worldly people".

  • Satanus

    Kids getting dfd for doing what kids naturally do. These dfings are crimes against kids. They are carried out by an org that has honed hate towards human nature to the finest edge.


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