Theocratic War Strategy at my house | Part 2

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  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Now that youve won your pyrrhic victory by quoting their own doctrine at them, the next danger is that your wife will split from you and win custody in court.

    I dont envy whats happnin to you brother.

    Though I think you said the boy is 13. That being the case hes probably already set in his own mind as to whether he wants to be a dub or not. Im curious if he wants to attend or not.

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  • freedomhouse3

    Just writing the letter took great courage. I hope and pray that she does take what you said to heart. You put the ball in her court and now she's got to decide whether or not she wants to quit the game. I hope that you do follow-through if she continues the game.

    Nothing is more precious than our children. You continue to let them know of your love and make really, really sure that they KNOW that this is NOT their fault They need to hear this OFTEN.

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  • plmkrzy

    I truly hope that this all works out for you AND your family in the best possible way. together with someone for more then 20 years and with children is something your not going to go out shopping for and replace. I hope your wife backs off with taking (sons name) to the meetings and respects your wishes.

    At his age more then likely though in another year or so, you'll be wondering what the fuss was all about in the first place. Maybe if you looked at your situation as being more balanced then you are giving it credit for. You are there for your son and can offer insite in areas that he may not get otherwise.Letting him go to a meeting or two once in a while is far less harmful then having to go through watching your mom and dad tear apart. He is almost grown. Believe it or not this will all seem like yesterdays news and he will be moving out on his own then there will be what?

    I expect the PO will take you seriously and things may change for the better. Try to be possitive.


    right the first time duhh...

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