Candace Conti Case

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  • Vidiot

    LisaRose - "They settled over the fact that elders assigned her to work in field service knowing Kendrick was a pedophile."

    That one still gobsmacks me.

  • Crazyguy
    I still don't understand the courts ruling that they don't have to warn anybody, this is so wrong and I wish this case went on to a higher court so that ruling could be thrown out as vile.
  • umbertoecho


    That is exactly what I see about this case. The WT have bragged for decades about their almost perfect track record of wins in court. They made sure everyone read about it in their articles. They wore it like a badge of spiritual honour. Now it's changing. Now they are becoming viewed as something less than the perfect society of God directed people. They have had to respond to claims in courts of law around the world......They are not used to losing one tiny inch of status. And status is what it's all about with this religion.

    Don't forget. They claim to have a spiritual paradise right here and now on earth. They are arrogant about feeling better than every other religion. What will they do now? Now it is a matter of record that they are not as clean or guided as they like to claim. Oh dear! Status is going down with every such claim of abuse that makes it to court and the newspapers or internet.

    And horrifyingly for them, it's sex that has brought this about. They have enjoyed stripping all other religions or organizations to pieces for perceived laxity, perversion and so on. Now they are recorded in the worldly rule book as being in the wrong or wrongly protecting abusers.

    This is a terrible thing to live down for an organization that has wallowed in feeling superior in this world of inferior and damned people. They don't like being exposed and tarnished. No matter what they will say or write. It will not eliminate the fact that there are judgements from worldly courts of law........against them.

  • Vidiot

    crazyguy- "I still don't understand the courts ruling that they don't have to warn anybody, this is so wrong and I wish this case went on to a higher court so that ruling could be thrown out as vile."

    I think it's more along the lines of, "they didn't have a specific legal duty to warn anybody at the time" - past tense (based on the laws at the time - early 90s)...


    ...they still got spanked for sending Candace out with Kendrick whilst knowing what he was (a monumentally stupid decision).

    In addition, the woefully hopeless inadequacy of both the two-witness rule and the "forgive-and-forget / keep-secret" policies - specifically with regards to sex offenders - has been exposed for the world to see.

  • skepticSam
    Did the Watchtower ask for a discount or pay full price of the compensatory damages? Nitty-Gritty thought this thread might have passed everyone up, bumping it up to show you catch everything here! I wish Candy the best with life and hope she is able to get closure of this horrific ordeal, may God curse her Perp!
  • flipper
    Candace is a brave woman and should be respected and commended for her courage of taking on the huge corporation the WT Society and forcing them to come out and have light shed on the very dark practice of harboring child molesters. She accomplished that in a very public way through PBS News hour and ABC Nightline News. Kendrick and the WT Society were exposed for the monsters they really are. Great job Candace, may you have peace in your life now ! Peace out, mr. Flipper
  • skepticSam

    Great Post Mr. Flipper, how deluded the JWs are that preach they have something the other religions don't and that's a "safe place from evil" and "the truth". When other religions teach these very concepts the Watchtower quickly seeks some dirt, their so good at mudslinging!

    If the Kingdom Halls agreed to a "monetary settlement" are they agreeing their in fault or will this be one of those "we agree to pay but refuse to admit guilt!" Settlements?

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    I congratulate her. I am sure it is exhausting and expensive. Its a small consolation victory after coming so far. But the WT is very adept at using the first amendment as both a shield and a sword whenever it suits them.

    I do hope she didn't sign a gag order, but that is certainly her right, and I wouldn't think any less of her. Gag order or not....I am sure there is a way to find out. :)

  • Fisherman

    Candace won. Big time

    She made deals. One with Kendriggs and now with the WT. If she wanted the WT to change its policy, she lost. The Court secured WT policy. The Court found WT negligent of not complying with their existing policy involving FS with known child molesters. In other words, the Court did not order WT to change its existing policy only to obey it.

    It is the Police, the DA, and Child Protection Services who have a legal duty to provide physical protection. At the trial, it was shown that they knew that Kendriggs was a convicted child molester involved with the Freemont Cong at the time Conti was there, and they did nothing to protect or inform the Freemont congregation, Conti, and other congregations about the dangerous child molester in their midst. In fact, Kendriggs was convicted while he was in the Freemont congregation, and the Police, the DA, the Child protection Services knew all about it and they did nothing to protect from Kendriggs. Before he was let go, the Court did not even require him to stay away from children. Plaintiffs did not hold them responsible either. It was Defendants that had to bring this out at the trial. If the issue is really protecting children, the above mentioned gov agencies did not do their job and were not held accountable.

    the 2- witness rule and the Watch Tower policies that protect the pedophiles in the JWorg rather than the children.

    Conti went to the police to accuse kendriggs. The police could not arrest him with only her testimony.

    Watch Tower policies that protect the pedophiles

    The Court secured WT policies involving known pedophiles.

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