Could/ would someone please open this file:

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  • sf

    Thank you DB! That is all I wanted...a 'snippet' up on a public forum.

    And yes , I have downloaded and installed acrobat 5. It still will not open files. The window flashes continually after I click 'download'. I must end up shutting her down entirely and reboot.

    Hahaha, an email with this file is coming thru my mail as I type...I think it's my source. Thank youuuuu babe!! Wait...anglise? How'd you get my mail address????

  • anglise

    Hi Scally

    no probs. Either I sent you or you sent me some info ages ago and so your email is still in my address book. Maybe it was xmas cards. Or it could have been the Guardian articles.


  • sf

    Thanks for the mail.

    I've blocked the address now, as I could not recall how you got my addy.

    Sincerely, sKally

  • Dino

    Hey doll.

    Perhaps you could call me this weekend?

    Love to you.


  • sf

    Yes, Sunday am, sometime before I log on. I have a lot of mail to send and want to spend the day doing so.

    Love you TOO, sKally

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