Missing my dad.............

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  • Dawn

    My father passed away in October. Today would have been his and mom's 50th wedding anniversary. It's been a tough day - I miss him a lot.

    Dad was an elder, and mom is still a very active JW. Our religious differences has put a strain on my relationship with my parents and brothers - and being DF'd for the past 12+ years has definately distanced us all.

    Today - none of that matters. Yesterday she came over for for a BBQ in the afternoon. Tonight she and I are going to a move and to dinner to celebrate their life together. She doesn't want to be alone - I'm hoping that I can find the words to encourage her.

    I am thankful that I still have a relationship with my mother - and I am so sad for those who have lost their parents because of this DF'ing policy. Had we followed their rules I would not have had the last 12 years with my dad - my son and daughter would not have known their grandfather - that would have been a huge loss. I wish other JW parents had the balls to do what was right instead of blindly following an organizational policy.

    So - I say they can take their August Kingdom Ministry and shove it up their a$$!

    Just had to share my thoughts and vent a bit. Thanks.

  • zenpunk

    AMEN! That's wonderful.

  • Nikita


    Hope you have a great time with your Mom!


  • Hmmm


    Very bittersweet. It's encouraging that the society's silly twisting of scripture hasn't totally robbed you of your mother; that some people are able to realize that family ties are more important than ever-changing doctrine.


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    My Dad's been gone for several years now and I still miss him terribly, but looking back, the first year was the hardest. You sound like you have great parents (and I do meant have, like..in the present tense...I truly believe the soul is eternal and that our separation is just for a "moment").

    When my dad first passed it seemed like time stood still...it just dragged along. I also use to count the days, then the weeks, then months since I last saw him. Now, several years later, time moves so swiftly and it's hard to believe he's been gone as long as he has. Although I miss him, without a single doubt, I know he's in a better place and living a better life than this poor miserable world can provide.

  • Kep


    I lost my Dad after New Year and I miss him a lot. He was never a Joho, so I was able to know and love him as a son should after I was Df.

    It's good that you were able to enjoy a good relationship with your folks despite the borg machine and their rules. I hope have a nice evening with your mom.

    Double, I feel the same, that seperation is just a momentary thing, and that they are indeed in a better place. There are times when I think back a year and Dad was here with me, we were doing something together just a year ago. It hurts not having him here, but knowing and feeling that he is in a better place helps.


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