Eyes Open

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  • Larry

    I love this quote "After trying to explain the 1914 doctrine to a new friend, she told me she could never join a religion that you needed a calculator to understand."

    Good one Sabine :)


  • Fire Dragon
    Fire Dragon


    Amazing work. That is definitely the "truth" in a nutshell. Very confusing to the average person....almost explainable by a special pioneer who is an elder and missionary, of the 16th generation of dubs in their family, and they've never missed a meeting or ever been DF'd or reproved...you know, the perfect dub. Maybe that JW could almost explain it.


  • Larry

    Gary - That about sums it up :) There's no question what religion you were associated with :)

    I think It'll save that for future reference - imagine how it would read ten years from now :)

    Peace My Bro. - LL :)

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