I wonder about the people in these congregations

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  • Sadie5

    that Bill, Barb& Joe and the Pandello attended. I know they are all separate congregations in different areas. But are all these people just sitting back watching this happen? Don't they find it strange that people who bring this problem out are being df while those who commit the crime don't get df and don't get arrested either.

    And if they truly believe divisions are being caused, then what side do they want to be on? Those who molest children/or support child molesters or the victims and those who speak out and try to bring justice. Seems like a no brainer to me. Are they really that dense or that guilty?

    Just pondering


  • orangefatcat

    Good point Sadie, yes I wonder too, who side are the other witnesses taking in these congregations now that the disfellowshippings have happened. Will some leave the organization after seeing the truth come out about the cover ups in the congregation. I wonder if we will ever know the statistics about this. Maybe Bill might know how many have actually left on account of what has happened.

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  • WildTurkey

    Its mind control, they are so sure that the Org is from god, that they will be on what ever side it tells them.

  • Jesika

    You have to remember that Jw's have been told their policy on abuse is backed by the bible. So to them Bill and the rest of them are going against the bible and his earthly based orgaization. What do you expect from a bunch of mindless robots???

  • Crazy151drinker

    As YK likes to point out, its the people who are bad, not the org! The org is never wrong!

  • zenpunk

    I wondered the same thing myself. How brainwashed do these people have to be to just sit back and watch this happen? I would be in an uproar. But you know how it is, "don't let yourself be stumbled by men, etc.". There ar so many people who say, "yea the people are all messed up but the truth is the truth". This is completely contradictory to the statement "by their actions you will know them". You see, by their actions, it's obvious the truth is not the truth.

  • SYN

    The people in these Congregations are most likely terrified of getting the same treatment doled out so liberally to our fine fighters for the children.


    These people will keep their mouths shut and do as their told.Or WBTS will give them the AXE too,and thats a fact Jack!!...OUTLAW

  • rocky220

    unfortunately my dear friends with level of power tripping, arrogance and total disregard for what

    Jehovah God is really about, it's gonna take Federal DA investigation of that [email protected]#$% database

    in Patterson to shut the whole thing down!!!!![sorry but i'm [email protected]#$%^ mad] Rocky.

  • nancee park
    nancee park

    The problem is the WTS won't tell them what's going on. Happily if you mail them the news, despite

    all the preaching to not do so, they are still curious just as you and I are and most all do read

    whatever you send them. Send them the information with a note at the end asking that they

    make and mail copies of it too and some will. Address it "To The Congregation" and then the

    elders will be given a copy and have to assume everyone in their hall got one to and start whining

    about not reading apostate letters, and that will make those who get it all the more curious.

    Even if you just sent "Hi, JW friends! Read http:www.silentlambs.org right now on the

    internet, some would benefit. Or point them to the Newsweek article or this or another website.

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