Where are the Young Elders?

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  • eyeuse2badub

    I was "appointed" when the elder de-rangement began in 1972 at the age of 23. Went to the 'all important' elders school for 2 weeks in April of 1973. We were told that the reason we were selected to attend the first "elder" school was because we would be the congregation PO's in 1975. LOL Average age in the class of 25 was 'bout 35-ish. whoa, holy chit!

    we were ALL PUMPED FULL OF CHIT and had our young egos stroked for 2 weeks. Proud to say that I have 3 sons (youngest is 34) that are half-assed dubs and non have ever been ms's or elders. Hope that makes up for all the wasted years as an elder I gave the borg.

    On a side note, Went to the RC this weekend in Long Beach, CA. (had to take my wife and 87 year old mom) Had 7,000+ on Saturday and only 29 got baptized. Yippee! Man these conventions are getting more and more superficial. Nothing of substance to appeal to our intellect only a BUNCH of videos to appeal to our emotions. Tugging on the heart strings not the brain cells. Even my die-hard mom noticed how fluffy the parts were.

    just saying!


  • skepticSam

    How many of you were assaulted by one of the bully elders? I watched one of my friends get grabbed by the throat in the Elders Room only to eventually kiss the bully's ass. This same troll(man who had his throat grabbed) eventually stabbed me in the back for standing up for him, never stand up for Coward the Elder!

    There are many JWs in my area that won't step up to the plate, thank God they see the light and avoid the abuse! It's been mentioned several times here on JWN that in many areas during the Circuit Assembly nobody stood up when the CO and DO asked "How many of you who are not elders are working towards this goal?" to his chagrin, nobody except Dave-the-Tard raised his hand and Dave-the-Tard is still stuck as a Ministerial Servant because he gossips, can't keep his mouth shut and very unreliable with assignments and say's the craziest shit when he gives parts or talks!

    You want to know the truth, the real reason why people are not reaching out for these parts, allow me to tell you why over ten eligible males in my kin won't join, they hate all the rules and don't want to be bothered after working 50 to 70 hours a week! They saw the pain this inflicted on me, my brothers and sisters husbands, there is no way any of them will join! Imagine "Mad Martha" calling you up at 2 AM because her pipe or plumbing has exploded and her apartment is filling up with water quickly! She is yelling at my brother(he's a General Contractor with no affiliation to this building or apartment) until he decides to get out of bed and help her fix her plumbing! She never paid him nor offered one American Penny! Afterwards throughout the Kingdom Hall she bitched the whole time because she thought it was not done in a professional manner and afterwards she called him to help her start her car. He said "No, call AAA" to which she said "If I had money I would not be calling you, your my Book Study Overseer, it's your job to help the sheep!" He said "Do not call me again, never, ever again!" as you can imagine, this brought a BOE meeting and he stepped down leaving all "Mad Martha's" phone calls for the bully elders! We all know financially strapped or just plain cheap J.W.s will bleed our brothers skills and abilities, trades and intellectual prowess because their crappy people!

    Those members who did join are on my ex-wife's side of the family and they and their parents helped me step down and become part of the Resistance! When my brother in-law got in trouble for exposing the fact three elders went to a strip club, that story got spread throughout our kinsmen, my side of the family all stepped down while her side kept drinking their Extra-Strong Kool-Aid!

  • zimunzucz

    I forgot to mention it was late 1975 when Jehoovers holy ghost picked me to be an elder at age 25 or so.

    Funny, the local elder body ( roofer, carpenter, cement mason, carpet cleaner, etc) asked me if there was anything that could keep me from being appointed an elder- I said No (haha), expecting jehoover to know better - NOT. I later learned it's pretty much a rubber stamp process by the CO.

    It all went downhill after that.-

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