"We Already Forgive Him" - What Does That Mean?

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  • cofty

    The children of one of yesterday's shooting have told the media that they have already forgiven the killer for what he did.

    Dylaan Roof has not apologised for what he did. He hates black people and probably regrets not killing even more.

    What does it really mean to forgive?

    If the legal system asked the victims relatives what they want done next would they ask for Dylaan to go free and unpunished?

    How do you understand forgiveness?

  • never a jw
    never a jw
    forgive, spirituality, faith and others are the kind of words that only the faithful understand. They create the kind of language that they use to feel some sort of moral superiority.
  • Fisherman

    How do you understand forgiveness?

    Easier said than done.

  • cofty
    forgive, spirituality, faith and others are the kind of words that only the faithful understand

    I'm not certain they do.

  • prologos
    Forgiveness might involve the realization, after meditation and a good night's sleep / deep dreams, to not have this matter cut into all fiber of one's existence. It is not a judgement call, but a self preservation move.
  • cofty

    So it's just a feeling and has no effect on our actions?

    What if we had a judicial system that let victims families decide on what happens to the offender. What would forgiveness mean?

  • punkofnice
    Well, I know I wouldn't 'forgive already'. I'm not that sort of geezer. I'd want brutal revenge as enacted by my own hands. I have this pent up aggression that I never release. I had therapy and they put it down to....guess what.....??
  • cofty

    I think that all talk of forgiveness at this early stage is vacuous.

    I don't think they even know what they mean by forgiveness.

    Do they want the hateful little killer to be let off? Do they want to befriend him?

    To me it just sounds like meaningless rhetoric.

  • nonjwspouse

    Forgive does not an forget. It does not mean to allow him to go without punishment for what he did. It is a personal thing, to refuse to allow his actions ruin any more of their lives by harboring anger and resentment and thoughts of revenge. It is a way to let go so their emotions can hopefully move on in a healthy way.

    No F'ing way does it mean to let the B@$t3rd go. He deserves to be taken out of society. He must be. He is not mentally stable and deserves to be away from society for the remainder of his life.

  • sparrowdown
    Well, all the world is watching them to see how they react. Sometimes it's easier to be magnanimous with worldwide media attention. Sorry if that sounds cynical, I'm sure they mean what they say.

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