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  • scumrat

    Mary, That's awesome !!!

    I've got my own plans up my sleeve.

  • gsx1138

    Mary, I hope you counted all that time on your field service card.

  • Sirona

    Well Done!!!

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  • Crazy151drinker

    While you out, can you pick up a six pack for me? Im still on my ass.....

  • truthseeker1

    Its good that you are doing this. Most of the world doesn't give a rats ass about the WT. They know nothing about it, save no holidays and door to door work. They think it is just another religion, some even praise them for their bravery to go out and preach. I look at it as cowardice. If you were in a congregation, would it show more bravery to go out knocking at random doors, preaching to people you never met and never will see again or standing up to the WT and telling them you didn't feel right about it. Sure it seems like it would be hard to go door to door, but once you overcome that INITIAL fear, it really isn't that scary. Most people arn't home, most of the rest just say no thanks and close the door. There isn't anythign to be fearful. What to be fearful about is NOT going out. Thats when all the social pressures come from, from within. I think that there is greater pressure pushing people to go door to door and to stay in the WT than to leave or stop going out in service. So when I hear people say that JWs are strong willed, i chuckle because I think they do it because they are weak willed....

  • deddaisy
    I've done this for the last 2 nights and I'm sure I've lost 3 or 4 pounds with all that walking......I still got about 200 left...

    flyers or pounds to lose? of course, I'm kidding mary!! that's a great idea and losing a couple pounds would be like icing on the cake.................

  • Mary

    OK, here's the flyer I did up and stuck on everyone's car..........thanks for all your comments and ya, you're right, I SHOULD count it as time on my service card!!! hahahahahaha!!!

    Pedophiles May Be Knocking At Your Door

    Most people only know Jehovahs Witnesses by their refusal of blood transfusions and by knocking on your door Saturday mornings with the Watchtower and Awake! magazines. What is not so well known, is that the leadership of the Jehovahs Witnesses protect pedophiles within their ranks and punish any Witness who has tried standing up for innocent children, by disfellowshipping (excommunicating) them from the religion, cutting them off from all family and friends.

    This was demonstrated on the program Dateline in May 2002 and Panorama (by the BBC) when several Jehovahs Witnesses spoke openly about what happened when they went to the police to report child abuse within the congregation. In ALL cases, these Witnesses have been disfellowshipped, even though the accused were found guilty of child molestation and are in prison-----for now.

    When these pedophiles get out of prison, they are welcomed back into the "fold" and are allowed to go out preaching from door to door. How do you feel about your 7 year old child answering the door on a Saturday morning when you may still be in bed, to find someone who may or may not be a pedophile standing there ready to preach religion to you?

    Jehovahs Witnesses are not allowed to question the inadequacy of policies made by the leadership. They are told that by questioning these men, its the same as questioning God Himself. These men, called the Governing Body, are used to absolute obedience without question, and for any Witness to even hint that something needs to be changed to protect the children, is viewed as a "troublemaker"and could easily find themselves cut off from all family and friends if they stress their point too openly.

    Most Jehovahs Witnesses are not fully aware of the severity of the problem, as they are instructed not to watch any program on TV that features the problem of pedophiles within the congregation, because, they are told, its only "disgruntled ex-Witnesses" or "apostates" trying to cause problems, or its "Satan persecuting Gods Organization". This is what theyre told. No further explanation is given.

    So the next time Jehovahs Witnesses come calling at your door, you may want to ask them how, in good conscience, they can preach religion to ANYONE, when they themselves are allowing children within their own religion, to become victims of child abuse, while protecting the molesters themselves.

    To read about experiences of child molestation amongst Jehovahs Witnesses and how they cover it up, you can log on to: www.silentlambs.com

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  • deddaisy

    thanks for posting the flyer Mary ! I copied it and, with your permission, will distribute it in my travels......

  • Mary

    Permission granted.............Wow! I almost felt like an elder!!!

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