5 Year Old Cousin Says Who Will Live & Die

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  • Dia

    For these reasons, I believe JW parents ought to come up against having their children removed from them on the grounds that they are mentally incompetent. Psychological abuse ought to be legally recognized for what it is. The parents ought to be mandated to attend some classtime before they can get their kids back.

    In the meantime....

    What do you think that we can all say to these kids that will eventually help them over the hurdles they're going to confront one day?

    I'm facing such a problem right now.

    "I think that's kind of a silly idea. The Bible tells me that God loves people." Not to try to put the burden on them NOW, at these tender ages. But to say something that you hope will 'stick' in a good way when they're trying to work it all out one day.

    What would have helped you? Any idea?

    What had an impact on me (EVENTUALLY.....) was seeing the JOY and devotion and love with which relatives honored Christmas and other holidays. I only wish they'd made a point of telling me that if I ever wanted to be included, I would be welcome there.

  • DanTheMan

    My 12 year old nephew's dad and stepmum are pentecostal fundies. It worries me some, I think he's getting an awful lot of indoctrination for being such a young kid. They're all big into the Left Behind/Rapture stuff.

    My strategy? Patience, patience, patience, don't judge, be nice, be normal.

  • joannadandy

    Oh yeah, I was totally the mouthpiece of god when I was little...it makes me so mad now...I was three and asked my grandmother why she hated Jehovah...and I constantly used to tell my sister all about my little dub activities, and preach to her.

    In fact the first order of business when I left was to write my sister a three page letter telling her how sorry I was for the years I guilted her about not going to meetings...lucky for me she was very sweet, and just replied with "you did what you thought was best, and thought you were doing it for me, I never hated you for that" My sister rocks!


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  • kaykay_mp

    i'll bet all the other dubbies think that she makes the cutest little comments at the meetings, though!

    excuse me while i hurl.

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