I have nothing to lose, bisexual ex-JW

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  • Salsita

    I have been an observer for a while here. I would like to meet a former female Jw late 20's early 30's and get to now her for a close relationship. I have always known I was bisexual. I love women and I have never had a relationship with one (sex). I am interested in pursuing this with someone of former believe and age. Hispanic or Caucasian. I am married and husband is ok with this. We're are doing a slow-fade. My husband was an MS and resigned. We both grew in the "truth" and now we want to experiment. If interested please post.

    Please don't judge me.

  • WildHorses

    Salaita, some will judge, but not me. I feel we must live our life in a way that makes us happy. If we do not hurt others in doing so, no one elses opinion matters.

  • COMF
    I would like to meet a former female Jw

    A former female JW would be a male JW, hon. But I don't know that they'd let him stay a JW after the surgery.

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  • cellomould

    You are sick.

    Wait, I am totally kidding. Freedom is a good thing. Enjoy it! Sorry that I cannot help you in a feminine way ( I am a guy ), but I would if I could. You are right, you have nothing to lose. Your dignity will be more secure, especially since you have discussed this with your hubby.

    Best of luck,


  • StinkyPantz

    The only thing you could lose (statistics show) is a good relationship with your hubby but that's none of my business. And since I'm Black, I wouldn't fit the criteria anyway. But hey, good luck on your search!

  • SPAZnik
    Please don't judge me.


    Welcome to the board.

    Nice to hear you and hubby are in this together.

    Play safe and Enjoy your newfound freedom.


  • abomination


    Hahaha...Youre in your element here. This place is crawling with psychologically meesed up BiCurious and /or Lesbians. They'll be along posting to you very soon now, I dont doubt. Youll all get along fabulously.

  • jack2

    Sals, you're free to discuss your feelings and inclinations on this board anytime. You may get some flack, but for the most part, the folks here are non-judgemental. Of course, there might be some guys here who will ask if they can watch as you consummate this new relationship that you are seeking.

  • SpiceItUp

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  • zenpunk


    I am bisexual and married now as well and, though, I am monogomous, I can give you some advice. Your husband may be alright with it but you must be careful, as if it becomes more than a fling he may get quite jealous. Plus he may be interested in the whole "threesome" thing which is something I have never endorsed. Fortunately, I'm married to a very unique and cool guy. You can email me if you want any further advice.

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