We're baaaacckkkk!!

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  • Mulan

    We arrived home today from our San Juan Islands camping excursion. I never counted how many of us were there, but there were lots of us. All but one of my 4 kids (Princess included) and their families (one daughter in law had to work so didn't come), my niece and her husband and his grandson, one of my son in law's friends and his dog, and two of his friends from his church........groan.........(don't ask.......I'm sure they prayed when they went back to their cabin after being at our campfire), Venice and her folks, Salud and his wife, one of my son's friends, also an ex dub, and an extra kid or two, friends of the grandchildren. Dinner time was an event!! One of these times I will count how many there were. Everytime I start to count, I get to about 20, and lose track. (ten kids at one point..........ages 21 months to 16)

    We are full up on crab, until next year. Glorious weather, and good, good laughs.

    Princess' apostofest is this Saturday, August 3. Don't forget...........see you all there..........and the above group will be there too.

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  • Fire Dragon
    Fire Dragon

    Welcome back!!!! Glad to have you with us again!


  • YoursChelbie


    It's good to have you back home safe and sound. I missed YOU! and Princess too.

    I'm hoping to put together some biographies of wonderful persons such as yourself.

    See my thread: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/forum/thread.asp?id=33447&site=3

    I'll keep you posted as to were to submit your story.



  • Swan


    That sounded like lots of fun! I imagine the dinner and crab salad was very good, but the crab pie for desert and crab omelets the next morning were probably a little too much, don't you think?


  • LB

    Mulan I just got an email from Rachel and we are going to make every effort to be at her party. As long as the scuba diving isn't horrible we will still be in town. We will be in Edmonds at the dive park thursday morning and plan to dive for a couple of days there. Tonight we're staying at the sleezy eazy in Tacoma. The stench of the Tacomadome scandle is still in the air here

    We haven't been in Washington for at least 25 years. I don't remember seeing the sun up here before. Does this happen often? We are soooo out of place in a big city. We just got back from a little drive around town and I know I need a drink. Did you know that people drive poorly around here?

  • patio34

    Welcome back! You've been missed.


  • Princess

    So nice to be home! I loved Orcas but nothing beats your own bed. I am knee deep in laundry from camping.

    I can't possibly catch up with this board! The last thing I posted on was the Apostafest thread on Monday and it's about ten pages back. Can someone sum things up for us?

    Thanks for missing us,


  • Mulan

    LB, the sun shines a lot, but wait until Saturday!! It seems it always rains when we need it to be sunny.

    Rachel lives about two miles East of where you will be diving...........directly East, so you HAVE to come!!!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone.

    I am also doing a mountain of laundry, and have to start taking my folks to doctor appointments tomorrow. Fun, fun!

  • peaceloveharmony

    welcome back! :)

    have a blast on saturday

  • TR


    If you were there between 8:30 and 10:30 Saturday morning, you might have seen the "Elwah" chugging by. Our ride didn't stop at the islands, unfortunately.


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