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  • Perry

    When individuals leave the organization for conscience reasons, it is evidence that God is shepherding and protecting the flock by doing a sifting work. When people leave another Christian religion it is evidence that the religion is morally corrupt and unable or unwilling to provide spiritually for their members.

    When a Christian from another denomination lies, he is acting according to his own disposition being from the father of the lie. When a Jehovahs Witness lies, he is proving his loyalty to Jehovah and fulfilling his sacred obligation to engage in spiritual warfare.

    During times of rapid growth the organization claims Gods approval for the harvest. During times of little or negative growth, the organization prints that this is evidence that the end is near because it appears that the harvest work is almost over.

    When a Jehovahs Witness is martyred, it is seen as following Christs example and fulfillment of Scripture. When a Christian of another faith is martyred it is seen as a misguided, albeit admirable exercise in a form of faith but proving false to its Source.

    When the organization prophesies falsely it is due to man's imperfection and an eagerness to see the new system. When another faith prophesies falsely it is proof that they are a false prophet in fulfillment of Christs words about the presence of many false prophets during the last days.

    When other Christian faiths experience growth it is because the Devil is misleading the entire inhabited earth. When Jehovahs Witnesses experience growth it is undeniable evidence that Jesus is actively leading the organization.

    When other religions are exposed as fraudulent and a menace to society and they lose certain privileges or status within a particular context, it is because God uses the governments as his executioner of justice. When the Jehovahs Witnesses are exposed as fraudulent and a menace to society and they lose certain privileges or status within a particular context, it is because Satan owns all the governments; else how could he have offered all of them to Jesus as a temptation?

    When the Catholic Church engages in protecting Pedophile Priests by hushing up the matter it is evidence that they are a filthy Harlot. When Jehovahs Witnesses dont notify police of charges of child molestation it is because of their willingness to allow Jehovah to handle the matter in his due time; thereby displaying faith in the ultimate JUDGE.

    Jehovahs Witnesses claim to have no clergy and hence are totally unlike Christendoms rulers who get special reverence and lord it over their brothers. When asked why they dont report criminal charges to the police they claim it is because it's a perversion of the clergy/laity relationship.

    When a Jehovahs Witness is unrepentant he is disfellowshipped., branded unfit for association. When the organization is unrepentant of its sins and people find it unfit for association and contentiously leave, it is because they are full of pride and refuse to wait on Jehovah.

    When a Christian of another faith celebrates Mothers Day they are following ancient pagan practices and giving undue attention to someone. When Sisters wear a wedding ring which clearly has pagan origins and draws attention to her status, it is evidence of the divinely inspired institution of marriage.

    When a Jehovahs Witness defrauds another Witness, it may be brought before the elders for possible social sanction if guilty. When a Christian of another faith defrauds a Witness he is often times encouraged to sue the pants off him and squeeze him for every dime.

    When other Churches support the UN it is evidence that the harlot is fornicating with the Wild Beast. When the organization officially agreed to support UN objectives it was because they needed "access to their library".

    When a differrent faith-believing relative shuns their Jehovah's Witness family member, it is fulfillment of Christs prophecy concerning the breaking up of families when someone starts to believe in Christ. When a Jehovahs Witness shuns his different believing relatives, whether they believe in Christ or not, it is seen as an action necessary to keep oneself without spot from the world.

    Every event in Jehovahs Witness life is seen as evidence that they have the truth and others will simply be destroyed by God.

    Perhaps others can provide more examples of having it both ways. Id argue it is their defining characteristic.

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  • DakotaRed

    There you go, Perry. Confusing them with the facts again.

    I guess since you are persecuting Gods Earthly Organization, you are being led by Satans demons. But, if you posted the same about any other relgion, it would be Jehovah exposing the lies of the Harlot through you, right?

    Should we also mention that all others are greedy charlatans by passing a collection plate? Yet, the contribution boxes at the rear of the hall are there to encourage the continued success of the Worldwide Work?

    Lew W

    Watchtower Decruit

  • Reborn2002

    Thank you for your post Perry.

    An excellent illustration of how the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society lives by an ongoing double-standard.

    One set of rules applies to the Watchtower,.while another set of rules applies to everything else.

    BTTT before this thread gets lost in obscurity.

  • gumby


    Nice observations and well done. I would add to this but you covered it pretty well.....thanks

    You cannot win with the dubs in the areas you have mentioned. Since they ALONE have the truth.....they CAN make mistakes......others cannot!

  • Undecided


    How could anyone who has been there deny any of your examples? They just hide thier brains under the WT organization and go their merry way.

    Ken P.

  • Celia

    Well done Perry ! I need to keep that one for future reference.

  • ex borg
    ex borg

    When the catholics were being exposed, it was considered prove that they were a false religion. However when Panarama came out, it was claimed that this was just the fulfillment of the prophecy that world leaders would turn against religion.

    I've heard that many JW's were excited that more prove pointed towards the nearing of the 'last days'.

  • Perry

    I appreciate everyone's comments very much. It is sad that our relatives have had their reasoning powers warped so much. They just haven't left us much to work with in the area of truth or common sense. I believe we will see some changes though. Metatron had a good thread recently about just how far the net has come over the past few years. It was a refreshing thread.

  • dungbeetle

    Perry: wow...fabulous..terrific..a real keeper of an essay.

    Remember, everyone, Barbara and Joe Anderson and Bill and Sheila Bowen and the Pandellos and Ray and Cynthia Franz were all Jehovah's witnesses too.

    Jw's are voting with their wallets and their feet; they are calling for change and they ARE MAKING a DIFFERENCE. Just watch!!!

  • L_A_Big_Dawg

    Very good post, Perry. Intensly thought provoking. I'll will be using it on JW's that I meet in my daily life.

    Thank you for such clear and cogent thinking.

  • JT

    You don't know what you are talking about, How dare you question the tactics that Jah see fit for his organization to use- smile


    I loved it- it was due to such questions and clear contridictions that lead me to have to reexamine what i was being taught

    this one goes into the ARCHIVES


  • Perry

    db, and JT,

    Your comments are spoken with wisdom. I hope you are right dungbeetle.

    Glad to help Big Dawg.

  • jgnat

    Great post!

    A teenage witness who runs away from her unbelieving grandparents is a hero of the faith, while an unbelieving child who runs away from a witness parent is a prodigal child, lost to the family until he returns to his senses.

    A smoking witness is defiling the body, yet the gossip that turned him in is a concerned sister. ( Titus 2:3)

  • zenpunk

    Very good points, it's funny how they have buzzwords so that everything suits them. It's a shame it's members can't tell they are in complete contradiction to themselves.

  • Siddhashunyata

    Thank you perry. Great sum up !

  • Perry


    I'd forgotten about that one. That bugged me even when I was a kid.


    This topic has been irritating me for a while.....glad it stuck a chord with others :-)

  • Wolfgirl

    Wow...good points. I am contemplating sending that list to my sister, who is still deeply involved with JWs.

  • Hauora

    So Yesterday! get over it Perry! and get a life! Been there and done that and now I am one of Jehovah's Wittnesses! you are so out of date. Go hard mate! look out for the tread marks from the chariot!

  • Perry

    Been there and done that and now I am one of Jehovah's Wittnesses!

    I can assure you that you haven't been where I have gone.

  • StinkyPantz

    Hey Hauora-

    Some Witness! Do they teach you to put down other's opinions and be rude? BTW, we all have lives that aren't ruled and controlled by the WTS. It's too bad you will never be able to think for yourself and have a good, fulfilling, enriching life!

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