The faithful slave cares about our taxes

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  • Maxee

    This link has a scan of a printed by the Society brochure Planned giving to benefit the Kingdom. The faithful and discreet slave has a fund to enable us to contribute stocks and saving to the Kingdom preaching work whilst both we and them enjoytaxation benefits.Or if we want to bequest our properties etc to the preaching work via this fund. We can get it out before hand if we want too. But if we die it goes straight to the legal organisation which covers the corporate side of the societies business Watchtower and Bible Tract Society of Pennselvania (sorry I am Australian and cant spell a lot of US cities.) They will charge us a small fee for their finanacial advice.
    We really are blessed that the faithful and discreet slave have confidence in a contribution fund that will encourage us to contribute our assets safely.

  • waiting

    Hey, Maxee,

    Tried your link, it did not work. Can you try again? I would like to see this brochure.

    It may be completely legal and above board, but I would like to see it anyway.


  • Frenchy

    It didn't work for me either but I am aware of the brochure's existence. The elders were given a letter a while back letting us know of the brochure for those who wanted to make such an arrangement. It just details the procedure for willing the property to the Society.

  • Dubby


    Here I come with my negative comments. For years the Society has reminded us over and over again about contributions. Im afraid that the WTS shows little if any resemblance to the first century congregation. I don't think Jesus invisioned a huge corporation that was concerned about law and tax benefits, with a team of lawyers to fend off law suits and find tax loopholes.

    What happened to the thought that they were trying to mirror the early congregation? Oh, I know we're in the computerized future and all, but it seems to me that the Society is ever increasingly entering the world of big business. I remember several articles in the WT about how these things will fall, big business and false religion. Well, it seems that the WTS is heavily involved in both.

    Has anyone seen their website on car sales? You can get a free "no blood" key chain if you buy a car from them! Of course they can finance the car for you.

    "Enjoy God's creation, ride a dirt bike!"

  • Frenchy

    Dubby, you said: [quote]Has anyone seen their website on car sales? You can get a free "no blood" key chain if you buy a car from them! Of course they can finance the car for you.{/quote] Are you serious about this? Are they doing that? I heard something about that somewhere else but I dismissed it as just a joke. Is there such a site and can you give us the address?

  • waiting

    Whether it's joke or not, I followed the site through all the pages, sounded straight enough in a bazarre way. And, yes, you could send for a free keychain, but I didn't - because my husband wouldn't allow me to. If it was a joke, it was a well planned one.

    The last time I visited the site, it was not running. Perhaps not enough cars for the demand?

    Any other thoughts, guys?

  • Roamingfeline

    Dubby, you are spot on!!! Why do they need MORE money and property? They are worth BILLIONS already!!! And yes, I have seen the website for car sales. It is legitimate. It's just getting more and more disgusting, folks.

  • waiting

    Frenchy, go to Maxee's post on Blood Donating, near the bottom. A link is provided to Jesus Witness website where Circuit Leasing is advertised.

    That really is strange, if it's legit.

  • Frenchy

    I tried the link that was on the page but I got a 'you are not authorized to see this page' error. I was blocked from it. I do know a brother who bought one of those C.O. cars. Maybe there's a site now for that. Maybe Simon could get in???

  • RedhorseWoman

    On another board, someone mentioned that they had called Circuit Leasing to inquire about the cars and the key chain. It's a legitimate site.

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