Prophetic errors and other ???

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    This is obvious that those who make predictions for the return of Jesus and the end of the world -regardless how this end is understood- must use the Bible to do that and we must know the religion of a person that makes such a prediction .

    Once we establish who has the true religion we are in the safe ground to rely on any prediction that is made in such true religion.

    We dion't come to the truth the first time around . We study the Bible the best way we can and with the time as our understanding grows we adjust our views properly.

    The true endtime era began not in 1914 AD as it was the beginning of the endtime era .

    But the endtime era must end some time and we are living now in that part of the endtime era as our understandig becomes better with passing time.

    To come up with the prediction for 2011 AD ( check up my posts on alt.religion.jehovahs-witn a usenet group )

    you can see how many things must be taken into account to come up now with any reliable prediction.It is not just a simple guess work .

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