Very Offensive Statement Directed To JW Parents-Watchtower 4/15/2015 Page 11 Paragraph 9

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  • freemindfade

    This was an hour of cendecendence I have no idea how I was able to sit through.

    I'm not even a lowly "Learner" what's that make me?

    Oh yea. Sinner. Lol

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    This egg is going to crack.
  • freddo

    Yeah who are these "experienced elders" they asked?

    1. Bethelites who depend on their masters for board and lodging.

    2. Brown-nosers who measure spirituality by assembly platform assignments and strutting around being career christians.

    GB Flunky: "So Bro. Brown-noser why do these young men in their 20's and 30's become disengaged?"

    BB: (wringing hands) "because their parents didn't encourage spiritual goals." (real reasons - they see through the BS/ They want out but do enough not get booted. If their parents didn't encourage them to buy the bullshit hook line and sinker it's because they didn't get to realise the promise of petting lions in their waterside properties while feeding John the Baptist outsize fruit.)


    Disengaged: synonym, detatched, unaffected by emotion. " A detached observer displays objectivity, free from prejudice." What's wrong with being detached??

    Also, LOL!!! @ at everyone who said the Eldubs are being nice to them! I'm sure that I'll be receiving special treatment soon enough, I can see it happening already.

    Don't worry about being a pet project of an Eldub. All you have to say is, "I don't qualify as exemplary, according to Elders I have talked to. They said I don't get enough visible service. I can't do anymore, and I don't see it changing. Also, how does a child molester get appointed and I couldnt?"

    That article says to be willing, humble, and faithful. That way, Jeehoober will cause the Eldubs to see that you can be trusted. I guess Jeehoober really trusts child molesters.


  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    This is part of the reason that elders are lax with pedophiles. They simply don't have enough brothers to accept their 'privileges'.
  • Oubliette

    Good catch Searcher!

    So in 2013 there was "an abundance" of spiritual shepherds, but now there's not?!?

    What happened?

  • Hold Me-Thrill Me
    Hold Me-Thrill Me

    The Watchtower loves stupid. The more I learn about my religion the more I see that "stupid" is/was the order of the day. Some days I feel like jumping off a cliff but for the fact that I love my God and my family!


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    We asked experienced elders in some 20 Western lands to tell us why they think some young brothers shy away from accepting congregation privileges.

    A few things of note:

    • If there are "experienced elders", that means that there are also "inexperienced elders". So they admit that not all elders are up to providing an answer to this question that the Corporation wants to hear.
    • By "experienced", I'm assuming they mean "old". So they asked the old elders what's going on with these young people. In my experience with old elders, they're usually pretty clueless about what what's going on with any of the younger generation.
    • And the Corporation is looking for hearsay, rather than any direct answers. Clearly there was no direct inquiry of these "young brothers". Instead, they look for the old-timers to guess what's the deal.

    Among the answers received,one stands out: While they were growing up, some young ones were not encouraged to pursue spiritual goals.

    Again, more things of note:

    • First and foremost, they don't say it is the most common answer, or frequent, or even that they heard it twice. It's only stated, "one stands out." What does that even mean? Since they say, "among the answers received," what were the other answers and why does this one stand out from them? I would assume that none of the other answers suited the purposes of the Corporation.
    • And they say, "some young ones". What's the stats there? 2 or 3 out of thousands? Basically, this whole thing is what is called "a fishing expedition." WT wasn't really looking for any real reasons. They were only looking for some old-timers that would repeat what they were already writing this article about.
    • Clearly, they are only looking to the "born ins" to shoulder these "congregation privileges". This makes it pretty clear that there isn't much growth coming from "the field".
    • Since they are pointing at guys born-in that are 20s to 30s, they are looking for those that would be the age of my children... if I had any. Since I was coming of age in the 1980s and an obedient WT drone. I was obedient to the direction about the blessings of singleness and "responsible childbearing in this time of the end". Of the kids born in that era, their parents were "spiritually weak" and weren't "paying attention to the nearness of the end of this system." And there were those kids of single moms or with UBMs. Those of us that were "strong JWs" and were obedient, didn't have kids. So why is the Corporation surprised that the "young brothers" this age weren't "encouraged to pursue spiritual goals"? Their parents weren't interested in "spiritual goals" themselves. Why would this be a surprise to anyone at WT? Didn't they read their litteratrash and attend their crapventions where marriage and kids were not in harmony with WT's purposes.

    In fact, in some cases, young ones who were inclined to set such goals were encouraged by their parents to pursue secular goals instead! The truth never came first in the life of such young ones

    OUTLAW`s Translation:

    In fact, in some cases, young ones who were inclined to set such goals were encouraged by their parents to prepare for a real life instead! A life of Slavery to the WatchTower never came first in the life of such young ones..


    .........A Word Of Advice To The Person..


    ......Image result for Your a Dumb Ass

  • cantleave

    The truth is, in many congregations the goalposts are continually being moved for those who are reaching out, in the end enthusiasm wanes and the young brother gives up trying.

    Alternatively the young brother looks at the stressed out, overworked elders and thinks "I don't want want to end up like those suckers!"

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