WHAT DID YOU HATE about being an elder, m.s.,pione

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  • mr party
    mr party

    i always felt sad when a fun to be around m s, moved up to elder thay went from fun to no fun.

  • Electra

    Mostly what I hated when I pioneered was the competiveness that other
    gun-ho sisters had when placing magazines or starting Bible Studies. Then
    there were the snooty, bitchy-type sisters whose husband were Elders and
    they thought they were now part of the 144,000 because now THEY wer pioneering
    along side the rest of us lowly trolls of the congregation.
    Lastly what I hated was living under a magnifying glass and getting called constantly
    to the back room ( or so it seemed like that to me) to straighten out every little
    rumor which would turn out to be just THAT! A RUMOR! Pioneering is not for
    everyone. It took me five years to figure that one out. Oh Duh! Ding me! I am
    glad to be out of that joyless marathon.

  • Farkel

    : WHAT DID YOU HATE about being an elder, m.s., pioneer

    The pay. Yep. I hated the pay. The pay sucked.


  • minimus

    But Farkel, think of all the long term benefits!

  • Dismembered

    As a Menstral Servant I hated cleaning the hall whilst fatso wives looked on. That sucked........out loud.

  • apple829

    LOL @ Farkel....You so craaaaaazy!

  • Kjell Hedblom
    Kjell Hedblom

    As an Elder I hated almost everything that has been told already!

    But mostly I hated when I had my Bookstudiegroup and I saw the Sisters trying to compit about having my attention and trying hard to be the one that i would choose as my favourite.They all tryed in different ways to flatter me. Saying nice things outside the ordinary stuff,giving me things and so on.

    And I had a big group (nowdays they should be maybe 10-15 in the group) But I had 42 (if everyone showed up).But that never happend.I think we were 33 as most.

    But I loved everyone equally.For me they were all worth my all attention. And it took me some time to go out in the fieldservice with everyone in the group,but I did. And some of the sisters they couldnt wait for the next time.Most of those were sisters that were living alone with a kid or 2. And I did take care 7 of them trying to be like a father for them,not only going out in the fieldservices with them but also try to do something more funny like taking them out to some amusement. (Ofcourse I didnt hate doing that,we had alot of fun and they just loved that)

    But that is history now.I am out and that is probably finally

    Hugs to u all from Kjell H

  • Preston

    My problem with being a ministerial servant didn't necessarily have to do with all the work that was involved, it just felt like I wasn't going anywhere, the same as if you were joe publisher. We were all Jehovah's Witnesses for a reason, whether we like to admit it or not. Personally, being a Ministerial Servant was merely a stepping stone in my spiritual search, and now it's over. Once you become a ministerial servant, your life from then on out is predetermined based upon everyone's expectations of you. You were expected to volunteer at conventions, possibly pioneer, become an elder, serve at Bethel.....and die faithful to God. The problem is, I don't want to know how it all ends. I like mystery. It just takes away the mystique away from an indvidual's search for God. And that's exactly what the governing body doesn't want. Imagine if the next Gilead missionary class, on the day before they are expected to leave for their prospective assignments, as a group, suddenly received an collective epiphany that this wasn't right for them and suddenly left to go back to their prospective congregations. They would be branded as failures rather than doing what they felt to be right. And that's the problem with any sort of position in the congregation. We all second guess ourselves to the point where, even if something feels right or doesn't feel right to us, then it's automatically viewed as sin, rather than growth. Maybe one of these days the Governing Body will step out of the cave and recognize the individual as well as the collective. When I became a ministerial servant, I had no idea that in the future I would have my Bachelor's Degree, that I would be dating someone of the same sex, or that I would not be attending meetings anymore. But it happened. And there's nothing anyone can do about it.....Stay curious....

  • lady 45
    lady 45

    jjrizo, i really injoyed hearing the truth and nothing but the truth in reading your story

    it really help in seeing how all you do is just not worth anything when you get down to it
    which is very sad in all our case, i am so glad that i have become apart of this site,
    i've learned so much and then too i feel so much better,i was feeling so bad about have'nt to be
    disfs. from jehovah love and teachings, no one could have told me anything was wrong
    in the truth not at all.
    jjrizo I like your spirit? you and your wife can't be but good hole some people

    lady 45

  • sisteract

    i was a pioneer and married to a pioneer elder. IT WAS SO MUCH PRESSURE!!!!!!!

    i finally had a nervous breakdown and landed myself in psych. ward. i can still remember my husband coming to visit me bringing me literature to place with all the "depressed souls" with me on the ward!!!!! ABSOLUTELT CRAZY

    i felt the biggest sigh of relief when i said i'm stepping down from pioneering after i was discharged from the hopital. oh the elders were so "encouraging" saying it would be ok if i didn't make my 1000 hours for that pioneer year. NO THANKS

    i can't handle all the "ENCOURAGEMENT"


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