Logic Problem Number 3

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  • Seven

    The following could be used to pass the time if one should ever find oneself stuck in an elevator[lift-to you Simon] with Friend[just kidding].

    Luckily, there are four star dressing rooms at the
    Variety Theatre, because this week's show has four big stars. From the clues given below, can you determine the full nameof the occupant of each room: first name and surname and the kind of act that they do? Each of the four dressing rooms are labeled A, B, C, AND D.
    1. The comic's dressing room is immediately between the one belonging to Lee and the one occupied by Capella.
    2. Dressing room D has been assigned to Lucy, who isn't a conjurer.
    3. The artiste named Rigel has dressing room B.
    4. The impressionist, whose surname is Vega, has a room next to the one occupied by Castor.
    5. Jonathan is the singer.
    First Names: Jonathan; Lee; Lucy; Samantha
    Surnames: Capella; Castor; Rigel; Vega
    Acts: comic; conjurer; impressionist;singer
    starting tip: start by finding out the surname of the person in room A

    Have fun!

  • Seven

    Solution: Rigel has dressing-room B(clue 3); Vega and Castor have adjacent rooms(clue 4); so room A must be Capella's. Therefore, from clue 1, Rigel must be the comic and Lee must have dressing room
    C. Room D is Lucy's (clue 2), so, by elimination,
    Jonathan, the singer(clue 5), must be Capella in room A and Rigel the comic, must be Samantha. Lucy
    isn't the conjurer(clue 2), so she must be the impressionist, Vega(clue 4). leaving the conjurer as Lee, whose surname must be Castor.
    In summary:
    A, Jonathan Capella, singer
    B, Samantha Rigel, comic
    C, Lee Castor, conjurer
    D, Lucy Vega, impressionist

  • Simon

    Can you start us off on something a little easier, I haven't done one of these for ages.
    How about 2 rooms and 2 performers. Bill is in room A, what room is Fred in ?

  • Frenchy

    Hey Simon, that's my kind of problem. BTW, when are you going to post the answer?!

  • Simon

    I was hoping I'd find the answer on the web but I've been searching for hours to no avail.
    It maybe one of those trick questions that doesn't really have a solution...

  • Seven

    SIMON!! For cryin' out loud. I posted the solution
    directly below the problem. It reads, Solution:
    Do you see it now? My mistake. I should have made it clearer. I have more where those came from but I don't think too many people were interested.


  • RedhorseWoman

    You didn't give me enough time. I saw this yesterday and started my little grid. I was planning to finish it tonight. Now you spoiled my fun

  • RedhorseWoman

    ANDDDDD.....they were looking for the solution to Simon's two-room problem. Now THAT one is difficult!!

  • Simon

    If we I knew more about Fred it would be easier...
    Hey Seven - you sounded just like my wife then ! SCARY

  • stillajwexelder

    bttt - just for fun and because I am in a silly mood

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