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  • proplog2

    As Metatron posted 2 months ago the Watchtower doesn't mention anything about Blood in the new book "Worship the Only True God".

    This is a very important book because it is recommended as a "deeper" study aid for those contemplating baptism. It replaces the United In True Worship book that was published 19 years ago.

    The United in True Worship book had 24 Chapters. The new replacement book has only 21 chapters. There were no major changes in the titles to the chapters. In fact their are only minor changes in the wording of some paragraphs of each chapter. But, the chapters that were removed are conspicuous by their absence.

    Chapter 14 "I Make a Covenant With You for a Kingdom" is no longer considered important. This means it is no longer on the menu. So what were the main points of that chapter?

    Page 116 gives us a hint in the Review Discussion

    "Why does so much of the Christian Greek Scriptures direct attention to the heavenly hope?

    "How do those who have been begotten as God's sons know that? What is the meaning of the Memorial emblems of which they partake?"

    "How do the "other sheep" demonstrate that they truly are united with the "little flock?"

    Apparently they don't want to waste time explaing these unimportant items anymore. Or is it an effort to keep people from wondering if they are one of the special "annointed" ones.

    Chapter 19 "What the Mosaic Law Means to You" is no longer considered important. It has been removed from the menu. What were the main points of that chapter?

    Page 153

    "Why are those who insist on obedience to the Mosaic Law really rejecting Christ?

    "How does knowledge of the Law help us to understand Jesus' role in Jehovah's Purpose?

    "Although we are not under the Law, what valuable things can we discern from study of it?

    The Watchtower can't get people to follow the New Covenant so why bother with the old. Pharisee-Phred Phranz is REALLY dead!!!!

    Finally Chapter 20 was removed. "Life and Blood-Do You Treat Them as Sacred?" Isn't this a life and death issue. Shouldn't it be covered thoroughly by anyone who is going to be baptized?

    I asked several Elders in attendance at the assembly. I asked them why the society no longer includes a discussion of this very important topic in the new "Worhip the Only True God" book.

    Their answers:

    1. I don't have the slightest idea why that chapter was eliminated. I am sure they have their reasons. My follow-up question: Don't you think it would be good if they told US the reason that chapter was eliminated from the curicula of new JW's?

    2. They (the faithful slave) will probably deal with that subject in publications dedicated to that issue. They have brochures and even videos on the subject. My follow-up question: They have always had additional materials for every subject mentioned in the book. In fact the Chapter on Blood is a very concise explanation of the JW attitude toward blood transfusions. When that chapter is studied wouldn't that be the ideal time to bring out the video and the brochures? We're not talking about people who don't know about JW's. That book is for people who are very close to baptism.

    3. We live in a very litigious society. Perhaps they felt this subject is an easy target for people who want to make JW's look like fanatics. My follow up question: I guess that's why they don't come right out and tell us the reason they took that subject off the menu.

    I guess there is a reason McDonalds never offers Liver, Onion, Bacon sandwiches. Just not a big seller.

  • Amazing

    Excellent post Proplog: Your guesses about why the WTS eliminated those chapters sound very possible ... and the Elders answers to your questions sounds typical ... they trust the organization to the very end without question ... let's hope that maybe someone or a group of someone's in the WTS are trying to nudge them toward mainstream.

  • joel

    Wanted to say......

    thanx for the info....we are gonna run it by my wife's family...who are very much still 'IN'...and feel the blood issue is major....

    to the point that--No blood--means No blood period!!...components or whatever!!!

    Thanx again and Pax,

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Proplog2, Amazing,

    They've never been forthright about calling attention to any changes they''ve made. Ever contemptuous of the rank and file, their experience tells them it's sufficient simply to drop any references to obsolescent ideas (another example is hte 7,000-year creative day) and it will recede from the collective consciousness.

    I wonder what about the fate of the old 607 + 2,520 years - zero year = 1914 mantra that was incessantly pounded into our heads in the fifties and sixties? Is it headed for the boneyard? When's the last time you've seen it spelled out in recent WT literature?

  • joannadandy

    The borg is very good about silently dropping things from their doctrine these days, and talking about only what they want to.

    Which explains why AFTER I left I learned about such spiffy things as 1975, and what kind of a kookie guy Russel was. If they explained why those chapters were removed it might cause a skuttlebutt, and we can't have that now can we. It just makes me mad that a society that claims to be so open and honest, and so singular of mind among their flock can cause such havoc by not coming out and just plainly stating what the hell they mean by everything.

  • Mac

    What do you mean by some menu items? Went to purchase a food ticket and found there were NO menu items! LOL ( And I was once condemned for BAGGIN' it}

  • minimus

    THe Slave really knows best. Whatever we recieve from them is the very best quality food imaginable.Let's not question our delicious banquet.Rest assured that those 3 chapters are no longer life saving because if they were the Slave would see to it that we had it.

  • proplog2

    Some may feel that the blood chapter was dropped because it is covered in the KNOWLEDGE book. The KNOWLEDGE book discusses blood in a couple of paragraphs in the chapter titled "Why Living a Godly Life Brings Happiness". The purpose of studying a second book with new members is primarily to give a deeper knowledge of a subject. All main subjects are covered in the KNOWLEDGE book - enough to get baptized. So redundancy is not the reason they removed the blood topic from the new "Worship" book.

    I don't believe they are backing away from the blood issue. This is clearly a "theocratic strategy" to avoid some kind of perceived legal problem.

    Sometimes they tell the congregation Why they are making certain changes and other times they don't. Some changes they have explained:

    1. Elder Arrangement.

    2. Disfellowshipping Smokers

    3. Dividing of Sheep & Goats not taking place now.

    4. Meaning of "Generation"

    They seem to be willing to explain some important issues. That's why I think this is just some kind of legal strategy.

  • Xander

    Joel: the conversation should go as so:

    (From another thread):

    You: "So, did you guys get the new worship book?"

    Them: "Yeah, it's really great spiritu...."

    You: "Didja notice it's pretty much an exact copy of the old 'United in Worship' book, but without the chapter on blood?"

    Them: "Hmm...well, I'm sure there's a reason for...."

    You: "Oh, probably. Hey, did you guys get the blood cards this year? Our hall didn't pass them out - something about a printing error or somesuch...."

  • ozziepost

    Why did they remove some menu items?

    1. Simplification.

    2. Tax avoidance

    3. Out of consideration for the flock, they didn't want them to get "indigestion"!

    4. One small step for the reader, one giant step for the borg.

    Just a few thoughts. OK, they're obscure, but they'll give ya somethin' to think about!!!

    Cheers, Ozzie

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