The Reason Why Jehovah's Witnesses Will Never Prosper Is The Children

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  • done4good

    Minimus - They are mentally lazy and do not want to pursue challenging their brains.

    I don't believe that assessment is a fair one, at least for most. Children instinctively trust what their parents teach them, even if they tend not to like it. Most of us here did not leave until well into adulthood. Unless we were all mentally lazy, that assessment is just oversimplified, and ultimately, wrong.

    Cantleave's point is also a valid one. Human beings are social creatures, and if kids manage to stay past adolescence, the social environment provided tends to reinforce their decision to stay. At that point, it usually takes a life changing event to wake someone up.


  • WasOnceBlind
    cantleave2 hours ago
    Many children of JW's may go through a phase of not wanting it, but they still stay, even if they don't entirely believe it, because it becomes their way of life, their social life, their normal paradigm.

    Sadly this is true and I have seen it personally. Growing up a JW I had two friends who were never really into being JW, I was certain that once they grew up they were out. To my surprise they are both still deep in it and one is even a MS, but I can guarantee that neither knows anything about the doctrines and they are just there because of the social club aspect of it and because they don't want to be DF'ed.

  • millie210
    This religion eats its young.
  • Heaven

    Me and my 2 brothers were raised in this crap. None of us got baptized. My bro's children are also NOT baptized and luckily, were not raised in it. In my immediate family, this religion dies when Dad goes.

    A few years back, my Dad told me that "the young ones are leaving in droves".

    My immediate thought was "Good!"

    I sure hope this trend continues.

  • millie210

    So true Heaven.

    I think it is very telling that the Org isnt trying very hard to reach the in betweeners.12 to 18 year olds lets say.

    They are focusing on the little kids and trying to indoctrinate their little minds.

    The Catholic church has done that with much success - so they (JWs) are borrowing a page now.

  • TheListener

    I've found that the majority of kids pretty much believe what their parents teach them. Republican parent - republican kid; democrat parent - democrat kid. Same with religion. Kids believe it all and its all they know because they are separated from worldly kids as much as possible.

    But, once they get older and actually get questions from people that they can't answer or comments from people that make them think then maybe they'll wake up and realize it's a cult or at least a high control group.


    The Reason Why Jehovah's Witnesses Will Never Prosper Is The Children

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  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    In my immediate family, this religion dies when Dad goes.

    I'm actually seeing this happen many times over. I was in about 40 years. Of the families I came in with, only two individuals have stayed. The rest, (about 40 families) of the children are out and living a normal life. They don't even attend the memorial.

    And the children of the children will never become involved in this cult.

  • Vidiot

    millie210 - "This religion eats its young."

    Can't say as I blame 'em; they are tender and juicy...

  • Vidiot

    Outlaw - "The WBT$ has moved on to 3rd World Countries... They`ll get Their Children..Problem Solved.."

    Sure, they'll get children.

    Where they gonna get money?

    (hint: not 3rd World Countries)

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