Crises of conscience

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  • Deltawave

    I have just read the book crises of conscience in less than 3days! I could not put it down! Even in front of my JW wife and her family. They kept asking what I was reading as I was glued to it. That book has just conformed everything I've been thinking and feeling for over 5years now. I am going to sit my wife down and calmly inform her why I won't be continuing my service as pioneer from tomorrow onward.

    What where your thoughts after reading it?

  • scary21

    I was the same way, could not put it down.

    ,Went right to the next book which was even better.

    It just blew my mind, never again would I think of the JW's as the truth. I was happy, mad , and mostly sad for my mom who thought she would never die.

  • Deltawave
    Hi scary21 What is the next book? I thought the was only this one?!
  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    Deltawave, welcome to the forum!

    Yes, reading CoC will do that to you, but please put on the brakes and slow way down! Do some reading here on the forum. Learn about fading (slowly reducing meeting attendance and field service to avoid calling attention to your exit in order to avoid getting disfellowshipped and to preserve family relationships). Read about the BITE method of cult mind control, and read books and watch videos by Steven Hassan about Combating Cult Mind Control and the Strategic Interaction Approach to freeing your wife from mind control. Confronting your wife so suddenly may be the end of your marriage.

    There will be plenty of posters who will advise you further!


  • tornapart
    I read CoC in 3 days too. Best thing I ever did. Followed by In Search of Christian Freedom, that took a bit longer but after having finished it I knew there was no going back.. ever. The trouble is, it makes you want to tell everybody everything, all at once. You can't hold it in and this could be dangerous if you don't want to lose everyone you've ever loved. Take a deep breath ... and take it slow. Think before you say a word to anyone.
  • Deltawave
    OK slow and steady wins the race
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Deltawave: "What is the next book? I thought the was only this one?!"

    His other book is In Search of Christian Freedom.

    I was already out when I read his two books. It merely confirmed what I had already suspected. I considered it despicable how he was disfellowshipped simply for having a meal with his employer/landlord who had merely disassociated himself. .

    One thing I liked about the book was how even handed it was. No bitterness shown although I would have understood if there was. I even spoke to him once over the phone before he wrote the book and was impressed by his humility.

  • 3rdgen

    Yup, 3 days for me too. By chapt. 3 I was mentally out but couldn't put it down. I never bothered with ISCF. The Mexico Malawi issue was enough to convince me that there was NO Holy Spirit operating on this organization therefore, doctrines were irrelevant. Instead, went straight to Steven Hassen.

    If only I would have given myself permission to read COC when it first came out! Better late than never, though.

  • DesirousOfChange

    but please put on the brakes and slow way down!

    DeltaWave, You are reacting WAY too fast!!! We all know how you feel. It's like everything you just learned regarding TTATT is blowing up inside you and you want to scream it out or shout it to the rooftops.


    STFU! and regain your composure.

    Take it easy. Baby steps.


  • Joyzabel

    Great read, huh!

    I, like you, could not put it down. Put a bible cover over it and read it during a Sunday meeting. (much better than the talk and watchtower and no lightening came down to expose me) hehe

    Watch how the house of cards fall down. But be careful, as others have warned here. Take it slow, if you mentally can, so you can reach your wife and other family members. (me, I wanted to quit touching the disgusting thing (WTBTS) immediately after reading COC, but husband at the time convinced me to take it slow. It helped get our grown children out, but nothing for the rest of the family. Everyone will respond differently.

    Enjoy the rest of your life!

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