Street Witnessing - did you ever do it?

by Muddy Waters 20 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • kairos

    I've done so much street work, it's ridiculous.

    start at 6-7am. Sometimes go late into the evening.

    It was mostly social time, driving around between gas stations, launderettes hotel lobbies and 7-11's

  • whathehadas

    Yes, I did street witnessing quite frequently. Like others said, it was a easy way to count time LOL. I found out another "form" of street witnessing from a brother I worked for. He invited me to work with him and his wife one morning. I got in their car and he proceeded to drive down one of the boulevards. As soon as he saw a man walking down the street. ....he pulled over and his wife (in the passenger seat) took out some mags gave a quick greeting, and handed them to the guy. I was so shocked by this...I didn't know what to say but shrugged it off. They convinced me that day, that this "drive by witnessing" was a easy way to dump those mags in people's hands. Needless to say, the area wasn't a nice one and this DEFINITELY wasn't what the WT would suggest. Looking back...I'm happy that we didn't get shot at!

  • prologos
    did street witnessing in the late 50s on one of the busiest intersection with a Greek restaurant that offered a bottomless cup of coffee and toast, so on cold mornings would leave my half finished breakfast there, and do another 5 minutes, holding up the magazines, then return to my place at the counter, finish another cup , warm up and then do another stint on the corner. Then off to the service "ren dez vous." getting 1200 hours per year was easy.
  • punkofnice
    I did this. It was an emarrassing waste of time. At least you could pick who you wanted to bore to death.
  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters
    Haha, I have enjoyed everyone's comments, thank you!
  • stillin
    I would make eye contact and decide in a split second whether to walk alongside a person and engage them in conversation. Sometimes good. Mostly not. I was obnoxious.
  • cookiemaster
    Here in Romania, in the city where I lived, we would actually walk for miles on the street talking to basically everyone we'd encounter, offer them mags, etc. It was deeply embarrassing and it pissed off most people, as on Saturdays there would be multiple couples of JW's on the same streets, bugging off people constantly. Eventually, the people had enough and complained to the city hall and eventually street witnessing has been banned in that city.
  • hoser
    I did it to ease the guilt when I was mentally in and a regular pioneer
  • dozy
    A few times. As a service overseer , I felt I had to show an example and we would maybe once a year have a special congregation effort ( albeit only half a dozen people turned up - none of the other elders , for example ). But I absolutely hated it with a passion. People walked past you , ignored you. It was basically a total waste of time - even more pointless than door-to-door. It genuinely was a case of constantly looking at the watch waiting for the hour to be over so we could go to the coffee shop. But it did give bragging rights for the next six months or so & we could tell the CO that we had done it.
  • punkofnice

    I would have stopped some poor git on the street to give them a tract(tm) when I was on the way to the service group. Start counting my time.....which seems really weird now I look back. Count time?

    Anyway, I would have loved to sit lazily doing naff al, talking to nobody and still counting time, at an apathy trolley.

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