How old were you? What was the happiest year of your life?

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  • millie210

    I am in my 50s and have shaken free of a life time of service to a belief system that over shadowed me in every way. That makes "now" pretty wonderful.

    My fondest hope is that my best time of life is just ahead!

    (loved your comments Punk and Xan)

  • Ucantnome

    I don't have happy years.

    but the best year was 1975/6 I was late teens. Almost fell in love. Pioneered end was close. Hot summer 76 no pioneering no work lot of pub time and laying in the park.

  • Closer to Fine
    Closer to Fine
    Mid 80's, I was just out of high school, lived with my best friend in our first apartment. Went out dancing 3-4 times a week with a group of friends (and still made it to work the next morning). Went to lots of concerts and saw all of the bands we loved (mostly 80's alternative stuff) and just had fun!!
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Senior and junior year in high school. Prior to those years I wasn't popular

    with the ladies, LOL. I stood all of 5'4 and 135 lb. My junior year I was a starter

    on the basketball team for the school and I grew to 6 feet. The calls and smiles

    from the ladies began, my senior year Oh Boy. Dating the junior class queen, invited

    to all the parties, winning the big game with time running out and the crowd lifting

    me up and carrying me on their shoulders. Next day news paper james win game

    against cross town rival. Voted most likely to play professional basketball. That

    all ended, I was drafted by Uncle Sam. But those were good years, (HS 1964-65).

  • blondie
    My life is not over,,,the best is yet to come

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