New Date for Armageddon - 2015

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  • Dawn

    The following is a message from another JW Forum I visited:

    I came across a scripture (Genesis 15:16) which says that God's people would return "in the fourth generation". True, it doesn't say where in the fourth generation but as they were to be in Egypt for 430 years then if they return in the fourth we're looking at generations being divided up into approx. 100 year chunks. the begining of the end began in 1914 we could be staring at 2015???? -ish? Even if you look at how Jehovah works in 40 days/years chunks you can go from 1914 plus 40 years to approx 1935 (helloooo great crowd!!) and from there to 1975 (hellooo 6000 years of man's existence) it's only a hop-skip and a jump to 2015! -ish This, of course, is just one person's opinion there - but I'm wondering if it isn't stemming from some trickle of "new light"....anyone else heard this one?? Sorry - I have to quit visiting with you HEATHENS and get busy - I only have 13 years left to put in enough service hours to be saved (gasp!!!!!!!!!)

  • scootergirl
    scootergirl's only a hop-ski and a jump to 2015!

    For goodness sake! What thinking!

  • Francois

    Yeah, what thinking - or something. That's exactly how JWs think, though. It's called backing into a date.

    I backed into a date once. It was a costume party, and I backed into her while I was naked pretending to be a Parker House Roll. She wasn't amused.

    Same effect when you schedule an appropriate time for Jehovah to act, as in act and destroy damn near all his children for not being J-Dubs. He's my kinda God. And he likes foreskins, too. And burning animal fat - it's a restful order to the creator of the majesty of the universe and of mysterys profound. Yep foreskins and animal fat, um, burning animal fat. My kinda god.


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  • joeshmoe

    Well, let's see... carry the 2, square the result... add a Gentile time, subtract a Pyramidic measure... stir gently annnnnd... by golly I think they've got it!

  • Realist

    it would be fantastic if they would dare to predict a new armageddon date! but i am afraid they wont be so stupid to change their current irrefutable position! :(

  • Sentinel

    Hello Dawn,

    Actually, aside from any NEW information or enlightenment from the borg, I have discovered in my research of the Mayan calendar, that our universe is on the verge of something quite spectaculor in the year 2012. It seems the planets are aligning, and this new planet, just now coming back into our galaxy is of great interest to NASA. I am believing with all my heart that rather than all non JW's being destroyed, we will all be awakened to our individual souls purpose for being here in the first place.

    There is so much out there.

    Take from the good, and leave the rest.



  • joeshmoe

    Yes, they've always been so precient about what's "stupid" and what's not, haven't they Realist?

    Hey Dawn, LOL but according to my thinking (informed by 1975), you can hang with us till 2014 (-ish), then just sell your home and car and go D-to-D all day till the end comes!!

  • Farkel

    That 40 Jubilee cycle makes good sense, EXCEPT you forgot to include the "year for a day" RULE. According to the wonderful framework of Daniel 4, we can see that 40 Jubilee years are years of days, which are in turn days of years. So the next Bible-based "spiritual" Jubilee from 1914 will be,.....let's see that's 40 times 360 lunar days using the Babylonish calendar that was adopted by the Israelites, and ignoring the months inserted to make the calendar work with the solstices and we have 14,400 more years, added to today's year of 2002, means that Armageddon will come on October 5, 16,402 C.E. at 5:07 p.m. Eastern Standard Time or 10:07 p.m. Greenich Mean Time.

    Be sure and mark your calendars. You wouldn't want to mis that.


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  • Satanus

    The bible is like that: they can pull anything out that they want. I suppose people will keep doing that for another millenium or 2 until the thing is finally thrown on the trash heap of history.


  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    For goodness sake! ; What thinking!
    jehovah's witnesses don't think. they check their brains in at the door of the kingdom halls.

    The leader is good
    the leader is great
    We surrender our will
    as of this date." - the movementarians

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