A Google Search Trick to Quickly Search All Old Watchtower Publications - Like WT Library Online

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  • LAWHFol

    Google has a Feature Called "Advanced Search" You Can find more info here http://www.google.com/advanced_search

    If you want to Find all Occurrences of one word or multiple words, use this Google Advanced Search.

    1. Go to www.google.com
    2. In the Google Search Bar place your Search word or words between Quotes Like this "Anti Type"
    3. after the Words Enter Type this > site:wtarchive.svhelden.info
    4. Your Full Search Text will be like this : "Anti Type" site:wtarchive.svhelden.info
    5. Hit Enter and Google will Return all Magazines or Books published by the WT in the early years that have the phrase "Anti Type" in them. This particular search results in 45 Results. This allows you to find the exact article and Page of any Search Term! It's extremely helpful for finding what you're looking for fast,
    6. Some other fun Searches :
  • LAWHFol

    Message me if You need Help with any other Google Advanced Search techniques for your Cult Research Activities. Another very useful search is

    "Search Term" filetype:PDF

    This will find File formats such as PDF,CSV,XLS It's useful for finding financial Info or Internal Attachments, that weren't intended to be found.

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    If you type in the above google search, once it returns the results you can save it to your bookmarks for future.

    I replaced "anti type" with "query" to remind me where to type my search string, so now have saved it for future searching.

    Thanks LAWHFol!

  • nonjwspouse

    How interesting, thank you for the info LAWH. I was lucky enough to be gifted by a friend I have never even met, one from this forum, of many past WT library Cds just because I asked for them! He is one very kind, thoughtful guy. I will forever remember his generosity, and will make sure to pass on these Cds someday in the future to someone else who wants the for the same reason as I do. Research with the originals. They will not go to waste! Too many people really do want this information to help themselves, or others, see the reality of the past.

    (Can I mention your name handle name or would you rather I not?) I'd like to publicly thank you, but if not I totally understand.

    This will give me lots and lots of reading /research material to do while at a research hospital several states away, waiting on Drs and tests on June 8 and a few days after. I am treating it like doing a research paper. Many have been done already. Thanks to this site, and YUKU, I have seen some great combinations of information. ( A shout out to Birdwoman2 on YUKU for your extensive research and lots of amazing information!) I am not sure of the best topic. Anyone have a suggestion that has NOT yet been done, but is wanted? I am excited to put my advanced college degree skill back to work. I feel like I have gone stale with that and want to put it back into use. Hopefully, someday my husband would actually read it. ( Not holding out too much hope, it's more for me, and my kids. Especially my 10 year old someday, right now. It's kind of like therapy for me. He refuses to listen or read one word about this stuff.)

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    rip van winkle
  • LAWHFol
    I don't mind if you use my Handle Name , I'm glad that some are able to utilize this.
  • LAWHFol

    One other Tip, that you can use :

    Performing the Google Search, will locate the Article that contains the Search Query.

    The Problem is, that when you download the PDF publication, you often open the book at Page 1.

    In your PDF Viewer, once the PDF is open, hit the the combination of Keys - Ctrl+F

    This will bring up a Search Bar, that allows you to search the entire PDF Document, and Index through all results of a search word in the PDF.

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