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  • Searching1

    Took the laptop to bookstudy this week so we could check out the site together. Our good brother Martini has been posting for some time and has been telling us about this web site where he can say the most outrageous things and people will just basically nod their heads in agreement and say “right on, brother.”

    Like once he said, “I prefer to do it (preaching) with sporadic and extemporaneous praise in deed, word, poetry and song.”

    It was totally tongue-in-cheek, but nobody picked up on it. Everybody was like, oh yeah, poems and songs- that’s my kind of alternative witnessing. Beats the bus stop any day.
    Here at bookstudy we have a pretty young, hip group. So it didn’t take long for it to sink in that the forum was all just an elaborate put-on.
    We looked at user names, and no-one was including an e-mail or home page in their profile, unlike other Witness discussion sites. It was lightbulb over the head time.
    Everybody (with the exception of a couple of unsuspecting victims) is just like Martini. Throw out the most off-the-wall statement you can come up with, and everyone has to react like it’s the most normal thing in the world.
    Our favorite characters are Sevenofnine and Frenchy (whom we suspect to be one and the same, judging by the way they always answer each other). We cut and pasted some of our favorite quotes, and then did a “Rocky Horror” thing.
    For example, one person would say (in a deep serious voice with a really straight face) “The silence you mistake for abandonment is really God's gift to you to think for yourself “
    And then the group would chant “Borg girl, Borg girl”.
    Of course the topper was, “I was already baptized and speaking in tongues before I ever set foot in a Kingdom Hall,” and all the respondents acted real PC like, this is cool.
    Some of the quotes have become instant classics, like yesterday two of us were in service, and after a lady refused the magazines, a sister said to me:
    “I've often thought how pathetic that all I've been taught to do is offer them a magazine.”
    I said, “Yeah, you go Tongue-girl”.
    Here’s some others that we’ve printed out, and we go up to brothers we know and repeat them real serious, just to see their reaction.
    Of course the real challenge is for us to keep a straight face:
    SC: “My wife was even a little more affectionate than usual if you know what I mean. ;-)” Two of our married pioneer brothers said, that’s it, I quit right now, if those are the benefits.

    Here’s a couple we like to use on visiting speakers:
    Frenchy: “When was the last time you heard ANY talk from the platform that brought tears to your eyes instead of making you yawn and look at your watch?” (then we brought out an onion in a zip loc bag)
    Waiting: “Our speakers are mediocre, and if it's not written word for word for them - they really don't reason well at all. So I sit and read the Bible or Watchtowers.” (So show me your notes brother, and maybe I’ll show you mine)
    Best pick up line to use on a date:
    RedHorseWoman: “The principle is basically that you can learn to direct healing energy through your hands.” (yeah, baby)
    Red Horse is cool. Some of our teens usedl this one on their teachers:
    “There are times that one wonders when the burden of knowledge will become too great.”
    But you have to say it realllly serious, and nod slowly.
    Here’s one I used on my bible study, to great effect:
    Ozzygal: “It is a very proud feeling to have brought someone into the congregation, it gives you an improved social status”
    Yup,I’m at the top of the food chain now.

    When we read this one, we started to hang around the counter and got a bad case of “Magazine Envy”
    Ozzygal: “Who's got the biggest stack of magazines to pick up from the book counter. Ugh!! It's all just one big showy display.”
    We found lots more, but I gotta save some for next time.
    Several in the bookstudy said they would start posting, so I predict an influx of new members, and even more outrageousness in the near future.
    Like Lars said, I’d love to know who you guys really are.
    Keep ‘em coming.

  • waiting

    Wow, another braindead.

  • Frenchy

    Yet another jerk on ignore... Man, my ignore button is really getting a workout now!

  • waiting

    Frenchy, do you really have an ignore button? If so, share with us so we can leave the dirt behind.

  • Searching1

    Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi, Ce Soir?
    Yeah, too bad "elder" Frenchy leaves the ignore button on when he goes to meetings.

  • Searching1

    Quote from Waiting:Double payment for literature, and the publisher absorbs all printing cost, is highly profitable.
    Ooooh- must have learned that at an Amway meeting.
    By the way, I need some driveway cleaner, so can you drop some by later my broooother....

  • Andyman

    Oh yes, I think we have another one of "Lars" many personalities. Isn't it great to be a "child" and be able to play stupid little games like this.

    Get real nobody brings a "laptop" to the bookstudy. The GB has made the internet the devils playground, and you tell me the bookstudy conductor is going to go for this? Yeah right!

    Lars, Searching 1, Buttinski, who ever, get a life. People come here to discuss problems they are having, and you play games. Are you proud of yourself for being such a jerk?

    Why don't you discuss the issues and forget the little game you have been playing. You can't win an argument over at CARM and you won't win one here, so grow up.

    Take care now.


  • Martini


    I was hoping to ingnore your silly games, but I am forced to give you the attention you are seeking.

    Our good brother Martini has been posting for some time and has been telling us about this web site where he can say the most outrageous things and people will just basically nod their heads in agreement and say “right on, brother.”

    How dare you speak of me as though you know me?
    Didn't you learn that Jah hates liars?
    Please prove it or retract your statement.

    I don't know who you are but I think I know where you are coming from and for this I have sympathy for you. It's very painful to discover you have been duped all these years believing we had the exclusive truth. I know how it feels, at first you go into denial and try to discredit your opposers, but deep down you know what the hard facts are really telling.
    The first step in over coming any problem is to acknowledge and identify what it honestly is.

    Can you come this far?
    If and when you do let me know.


  • Searching1

    That dry sense of humor of yours is why I love you man. I just appended a mental "wink, wink" on your last post.
    Anyway, I got that case of Moosehead for the weekend. What do you say that after Jenny's wedding Saturday, stop by the house, eh?

  • Martini

    Still up to your silly games are you?
    I suppose it hasn't dawned on you that it is real people you are toying with here.Before you get into trouble may I suggest:
    1. You go for professional cult-exiting services
    2. Put on a serious face and find healing together with the good folks here on this site.


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