Was Jesus a real person?

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  • freemindfade

    He was a Roman invention and part of a propaganda campaign by the Roman elite to chill out the Jews looking for their Messiah. Think about some of the things he promoted, "turn the other cheek", "PAY CAESARS THINGS TO CEASAR" ie pay your taxes.

    He was almost certainly 100% made up

    And while some people dispute this "conspiracy" which is actually harder to believe? that or that God knocked up a Jewish virgin, she has a son who finds his super powers around 30, creates a massive stir in the Roman empire and amongst the Jews there with almost no source to confirm it outside some stories written 100 years later with no origins to be found he is killed, comes back to life, leaves to heaven, says he's coming back and doesn't. yes that sounds much more viable.

  • happy@last
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    Have a look at the work of Reza Aslan, makes some interesting points about him being a character that is used for telling stories.


  • FusionTheism
    The issue is, if we have no Roman documents in existence at all today that are dated to 29 to 33 AD, you cannot claim that Romans IGNORED Jesus since we have no knowledge about ANY documents during those years.
  • WTWizard
    Jesus is simply the archetype of the perfect slave. The original sin is fake. Create this, then create the archetype of the perfect slave. Then use that to dangle "salvation" in front of man, under the condition that we emulate this "perfect slave". In effect, do that, and you will be the perfect slave.
  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    Very few people could read and even fewer could write.

    Jesus (Yeshua/Joshua) was from a rural setting, not from the class that depended on writing. Fishermen such as Simon/Peter would not have been able to read or write even in his own language (Aramaic) and this is one reason we know he did not write the epistles attributed to him, especially as they are written in good quality Greek.

    Paul was a different item. He was of the Diaspora, not from Judea, he was a learned person, imbued no doubt with Greek/Roman philosophy and he was a Roman citizen. His writings are the earliest of the NT writings and because his followers came to the ascendancy, his writings and those of his followers dominate the writings that his followers in the 4th century decided were Scripture.

    Community-wide communicating by writing is a modern phenomenon.


  • Crazyguy
    There's some evidence that the life story of Jesus was modeled after Apolinius of Tiana and the god aspects were a copy of Serapis. Then the whole big picture was a copy of Marduks rising up to conquer the Dragon and becoming supreme God.
  • Finkelstein

    I'm in the belief that there was at one time a Jewish Rabbi that taught extreme Messianic teachings, that he himself by virtue of those teachings, was turned into the Messiah himself by people at the time for their own wanting desires and personal reasons.

    A God that came to earth, that was going to do so much for humanity, above what any other God had ever offered, even in compassion to all of the Roman Gods at the time .

  • Finkelstein

    Here;'s a bit more on to the Jewish concept of Jesus from their perspective.


  • talesin

    Why is there no record of King Arthur? Wasn't his father, Uther Pendragon, a *real* historical figure? I mean, there *were* knights and crusades!

    There ya go!


  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Historical researcher Michael Paulkovich , " Paul often credited with

    spreading what would become Christianity, never refers to Jesus as

    a real person. Paul is unaware of the virgin mother, and ignorant of

    Jesus nativity, parentage, life events, ministry, miracles,apostles,betrayal,

    trial and harrowing passion. Paul knows neither where nor when Jesus

    lived, and considers the crucifixion metaphorical.

    The silence from Jesus himself is telling with no personal account being

    written. Yes the son of God ostensibly sent on a suicide mission to save

    us from the childish notion "Adam Transgression" is a mythical super-savior.

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