Why did the org "forgive" KH mortgages?

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  • Listener

    If you are in the business of lending money it is irrelevant what interest rate you are charging, you are still subject to the laws affecting lenders and these would be constantly changing. The poster above mentions one such change in 2014.

    The wtbts had stopped the practice of charging interest but it has been reported that they benefited by transfering ownership of the halls to themselves.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Lending money in large sums must attract the attention of "Caesar" and his laws/restrictions in any country, irrespective of interest being levied. Perhaps because no interest was being charged by the Org, it was causing them undue legal/financial consequences, whereas exchanging outstanding loans for donations not only simplified the arrangement, but also netted the Org an extra 20% (in the U.K) because the loan was now a donation - and donations are increased by 20% tax-relief!

    Surely the Inland Revenue in the U.K. must review this scam on U.K. tax-payers!

  • Vidiot

    magnum - "Why did the org 'forgive' KH mortgages?"

    To appear magnanimous, and thusly ensure further loyalty and fealty from poorer congregations.

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