Why I haven't been on here for a while, and why am in the fight of my life right now

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  • avishai

    My younger brother, the one who sued the WTS, had his girls kidnapped parentally by their mother. It took several years to get them back, and they're finally back with him and safe, and recovering from all of the trauma. I was working on this case nonstop for a very long time.

    now, unfortunately I have a custody case my very own. My daughter has lived with me in Oregon for the majority of the last nine years while her mother traveled around the country with her military husband, sometimes not seen her for over a year at a time. So when her mother moved back to California, I let my daughter go stay with her for a few months to get to know her. Unfortunately, her mother hadn't changed, and physically abused my daughter, did hard drugs around her, was involved in drug dealing and moved a sex offender boyfriend into the house. I have my daughter up here in Oregon, but since the case is still in California I need to get a venue change so I can get emergency full custody with supervised visitation only for her mother. so i need a retainer for an attorney

    I have a go fund me set up, and I will post it even though asking for help is very, very difficult for me. But far more than monetary help, I need the support and words and wisdom of my old friends.


  • cofty
    Hi Avishai - I can't imagine how stressful that must be. I wish you every success in getting your daughter to safety.
  • avishai
    thank you, coffy
  • JeffT

    Wow, tough situation. Given that there's physical abuse, drugs and a sex offender involved I think you might be able to find a lawyer that will at least get you an emergency custody order, pro bono. Call legal aid in Oregon and see what might be available.

    I feel for you, that has to be hard going through that with your child.

  • avishai
    Thanks JeffT, I do have calls out to a few of them. Unfortunately, with summer vacation coming up, apparently it's a very busy time of year for family law. But I am, and have been waiting by the phone for these return calls!
  • joe134cd
    Just thinking. If the situation is that bad and there is no doubt a sex offender is living in the same house. Couldn't the police at least temporarily move in and remove the child from the house.
  • avishai
    Joe, I am working on that, but due to this being a poor and overburdened county and this man's warrant being out in another state on the East Coast, getting the local authorities to deal with the red tape and proving the drug stuff is more difficult than it should be.
  • BluesBrother
    Hi Avishai . It is good to hear from an old friend, even in such awful circumstances . I can see that you are going through hell and my heart goes out to you, man
  • avishai
    Hi blues brother, great to see you too!

    Nice to see you back Avishva..

    Good Luck Bud!..

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