Have the elders lost it?

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  • Lars_Ulrich

    All is not well with the WTS. The elders are arrogant jerks, the GB has lost its grasp of reality, and the congregation publishers are right out of the “Stepford Wives”.
    On the other hand, the big bad Internet has arrived as our technological savior. The free flow of information is the “truth that sets us free”.
    Everything we could possibly want to know is there. (Mulder voiceover: “The truth is out there”.)
    So here’s what I propose:
    Somebody do a search on the Web for “True Religion”. Once you find it, tell the rest of us so we don’t have to waste any more time pissing and moaning about how the WTS has ruined our lives.
    Then we can all do what most rational people do when they find themselves in an unpleasant situation:
    Just walk away,
    (“What About Bob” voiceover: “Baby steps, baby steps”)
    and try something new.
    Of course, in a week or so, we'll all have to find a new “true religion”, because, well…
    We LIKE to piss and moan.

    (“Meet the new boss
    Same as the old boss"
    The Who “Won’t Get Fooled Again”)

  • Xandit

    I love these sweeping generalizations. Not all Elders are cut from the same cloth and I know very few Stepford wives in the congregations. Get real.

  • waiting

    Dear Xandit,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of the braindead!! Thanks for your comment - and welcome. As at any forum, some days are better than others.


  • mgm

    Lars Ulrich, I don't know anybody in this forum, which said that all elders are arrogant and all WTS teachings are bad!!
    Don't you feel and see how the fdS is scared of the internet? And this is just the start!
    The information about false teachings of the WTS is growing every day.
    What you think, how big is the number of brothers, which had a look into apostate pages in the net?
    Just to walk away is not a solution for most brothers, since they don't wanna be shunned by the family and friends...
    And this could be a great religion after some changes of course. Most of us would like to stay as a witness, but would like to have and feel that real love, which was shown by Jesus and not more and more manmade rules...

  • Lars_Ulrich

    Let me get this straight- when you came in the Truth, you left worldly friends and relatives behind, disregarding their opinions.
    Now that you’ve been in the Truth and don’t believe anymore, you’re afraid to walk away because of friends and relatives.
    So you will go to your grave knowing that you have lived a lie.
    That is a sad, pathetic commentary and you require much more help than the weak-minded sycophants on this board can give you.

  • Xandit

    I take it that the "weak minded sycophants" are anyone that doesn't agree with you? When you start calling people names because they don't see things your way, you've already lost the argument.

  • waiting

    Dear Xandit,

    I've taken it upon myself, as well as some others here to politely not answer the posts of stupid, ignorant, denigrating, obnoxious, jerk offs.

    You might consider this option also. Certainly makes for better conversation between friends, don't you think?

    Corrected spelling per Marion's post. Sorry.

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  • marion_nett


    TWICE now you have said:

    I've taken it upon myself, as well as some others here to politely not answer the posts of stupid, ignorant,DENIGGERING, obnoxious, jerk offs.
    (Emphasis added.)

    I HOPE you do NOT mean this term as it shows here! NOT a nice thing to say! I am going to ASSUME you meant "Denigrating"??? Please tell me you didn't mean deniggering ...!


    English Dictionary - With Multi-Lingual Search No Entries Matching deniggering, Were Found in the AND Concise Dictionary
    No Entries Matching deniggering, Were Found in the American Heritage Dictionary

    Denigrate: to scorn or criticize someone; to attack or belittle the reputation, character or worth of someone


  • waiting

    Dear Marion,

    Thank you very much for correcting my spelling - you are absolutely correct in the thought that I made a spelling error.

    I actually have seen the word in print through Friend's post, and I looked it up, and then still mispelled it.

    Thanks, again, life's hard enough without causing yourself problems. My husband's black and is my best. I would never want anyone to get the impression that I would belittle him or any like him.

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  • Dubby


    maybe some of us have learned the hard way not to leave family and friends because we changed our minds about religion. I for one have sought out decent friendships from the past before I became a JW.

    "Enjoy God's creation, ride a dirt bike!"

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