What do we have to say to ourselves about this video...we are being exposed..

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    There's already a topic on this...with plenty of comments.
  • jhine

    Yes jdub , in fact I think there are two threads now , perhaps you could post your thoughts on one of those and share the discussion.


  • Finkelstein

    Well the video and the girl speaking says much about the way the WTS. treats sexual abuse or rape victims and in how the WTS. looks upon rape situations.

    They inevitably try to infuse the notion that the girl was most likely provoking the attack, making them partially guilty responsible. you know all woman are inherently harlots .

    The structured power players of this organization try to create an outside image of purity and righteousnesses around the organization, which essentially also creates the power of which they retain around themselves, from the top GB members down to the Elders of each congregation.

    Sorry this girl looks like she has gone through some personal trauma being involved in this horrendously corrupt organization .

    Thats cults folks they were built up by men for men and that makes them dangerous to be involved with them.

  • Giordano
    Welcome to the forum jdub1991. Double posting happens all of the time as posts and threads are not locked down but descend if too much time passes and new ones are added.
  • umbertoecho
    Don't fret, many would have watched this and may still be digesting the information and ramifications of it. You are not left hanging here. I watched it early this morning from Australia and I was upset but not surprised. I wonder where this was done and other such things but the main issue is that there is "exposure" of this damaging religion and a riveting and heartfelt atmosphere in all that she conveys.
  • Xanthippe
    Welcome to the forum jdub1991. Yes your religion is being exposed for the misogynistic organisation that it is, covering up abuse of their wives by men supposedly appointed by Holy Spirit. Blaming women for being raped. Silencing all who complain about this treatment with disfellowshipping and shunning. What do you think about it? Don't you want to leave a religion like this?
  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    I just KNOW that if I showed my wife this, she'd say the girl was exaggerating, or that the anonymous examples the girl quotes were exaggerating, or that even if those things happened in individual congregations, it's by no means POLICY for such things to happen. Imperfect men and all that bs.

  • freddo

    Hello jdub1991. You will find that many on this site "say it how it is" - they have been personally hurt by "our" policies, "our" circuit overseers and "our" elders.

    We are all disturbed by the way "our" religion's (or ex-religion's) human leaders seem to care only about their preservation of image and their being in control above all else.

    If you stay and are not frightened away by sharp retorts and angry hurt people you will find many gems here to help you gain clarity of thought.

    It's a tough time for genuine people who are trapped in a mindset.

    To the rest of us: Please be mindful of the trepidation in which some venture onto this site. We want them to stay and be enlightened, not sent further down the rabbit hole.

  • talesin

    It's obviously a very emotional video. I felt very positive after watching it. She is OUT of the cult, and has her Mother! That is very hopeful. Of course, she is having a hard time, but I bet she has a lot of support at school - that was the vibe I got from the vid.

    : )

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