Lett's pinky ring is back

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  • Daniel1555

    If you thought that Stephen Lett came to realize finally, that wearing a pinky ring doesn't seem modest, you are wrong.

    In the introduction video to the video "What is true love?" of the convention releases day 3, he is as lunatic as ever and wearing his pinky ring again.

    Thank you, governing body. Let "Lett" talk in front of the worldwide convention audience and in your broadcasts, and you will wake up more jw's than any other means might do.

  • bohm
    notice the epic poor makeup job they did on him before putting him in front of the camera.
  • blondie
    I wonder if other jws have noticed the pinky ring and have slavishly adopted the custom. I remember how many times low jws would imitate them in dress and custom....
  • sparrowdown

    What is true love?

    True love is my pinky ring, I love my tiara also but the others say I can't wear it on air.đź‘‘

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Maybe he thinks he's an engineer, in Canada they wear iron rings unsure about US customs on this. And yes I know a man that wears a little gold chain on his tie like some of the GB do. It struck me as odd when I first saw it 15 years ago.

    A red flag went up in my mind right away telling me this guy was posturing. When you have a gut feeling that something is off listen to it, I ended up being right.

  • OrphanCrow

    Oh no! Another pinky thread.

    I finally got curious and typed "what does wearing a pinky ring mean?" into google.

    This showed up:

    "Wearing a ring on the little, or pinky, finger of the hand can have any one of a number of meanings, some of which are mutually contradictory. It may also have no other significance at all beyond the personal preference of the wearer.

    In the 1950s through the 1970s, wearing a pinky ring was sometimes used as a covert sign of male homosexuality. Judy Grahn in her book "Another Mother Tongue" writes that in 1959, the year she came out, that rings worn on the pinky were known as a secret way to communicate homosexuality.
    American and Canadian engineers sometimes wear a steel or iron ring to signify oath-bound membership in an engineering fellowship.
    Signet Rings and Aristocracy
    The signet ring, a type of ring bearing a family crest and used to seal letters and mark other documents, was traditionally worn on the little finger. As a result, rings worn on the little finger became associated with aristocracy in general.
    Organized Crime
    Members of organized crime are reputed to wear pinky rings as well. In more recent times, hip-hop artists with a "gangsta" style adopted pinky rings in imitation of their Italian-American counterparts.
    Some people believe that wearing a pinky ring can bring the wearer luck. Gamblers, in particular, are prone to sporting one."
    "Another Mother Tongue;" Judy Grahn; 1984
    Order of the Engineer
    The Iron Ring
    "The New York Times;" Ba-Da-Bing! Thumbs Up for the Pinkie Ring; Jan. 23, 2000
    More Information:
    Swade: Symbols

    And from a 2014 article on businessinsider, advice for men on how to wear rings fashionably:

    The Pinky Ring

    This is often the first choice for a man who wants to wear a “statement” ring.

    Pinky rings have a couple of advantages: they don’t have religious or cultural associations in most cultures (unlike the ring finger), and, like rings on the fourth finger, they don’t touch or interfere with the index/pointer finger at all.

    It also isolates the ring from your body a bit, making it more of an eye-popping statement. As a result, pinky rings tend to be among the “busiest” or flashiest of designs. It’s where you wear things when you want attention paid to them.

    Oh. So, according to businessinsider, the man who wears a pinky ring has a large ego, the pinky ring is a 'statement'.

    Well, ya know what they say about 'big' men with big egos....the same thing they say about the ones who drive big cars.

  • Virran
    Wow...I'm speachless...This Lett guy talks as if he think his audience is just as retarded as he is. I especially want to throw up at his odd and cheesy smile at the very end...Geeze!!! And yes, his make up is horrible, it looks like a powdered baby's a$$. Grrr!
  • SnakesInTheTower

    Ol Rubber Face is still at it, eh? That a$$hat was the featured speaker at my MTS graduation in 02. Put me on the spot and told the audience "we have 24 regular pioneers and 1 starting back again in September." The "one" being ME and this was May. I had no intention of "starting back again." That f***tard needs to get bent.


  • tiki

    maybe he has a gold chain around his neck too - underneath the shirt and tie.

    frankly, who really gives a $*%( if he has a ring on his fifth finger or not..........he probably just thinks it makes him look cool and "with it".

  • talesin
    In the 70s and 80s, wearing a pinky ring meant you had more flash than class. I think this is just an old fart, who hasn't changed his style in 30 or 40 years. Whatever.

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