Another heart breaking recording of how witnesses are really treated on JWstruggle

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    Half way through, and I think this guy is at odds with the others on the committee but doesn't have the balls to stand up to them. He's a pussy that shouldn't be an Elder. Women are NOT allowed to be Elders. It's clear he is a Class B elder. He's NOT the Alpha Male Elder of the group.


  • scary21

    This woman needs professional help, not a window washing elder( so to speak)

    From my experience with pill poppers, drunks, and mentally ill people, I think she was on something. I just had a conversation with my daughters drunken bipolar neighbor (her teenage son was murdered two years ago) that sounded so much like that woman without the Jehovah stuff,

    I try to help her and just be a listening ear but after a while I just want to get off the phone.

    Sorry if I get slammed for saying this but I would NOT want to be that Elder.

    Yes, I have had experience with heartless Elders when they kicked my elderly mom to the curb.

    I think she may do better after knowing TTATT. I sure hope so

  • nelim

    Doc, I think many elders will seem friendly one-on-one. But when they are together (on a JC e.g.) then a different personality is activated. It's also easy to disagree with other elders in private conversation, as it can be denied easily; "she understood me wrong" or whatever.

    As the calling woman tells, this is actually a pattern I have also seen: when one is disfellowshipped, the whole family is effectively disfellowshipped from the congregation. Everyone avoids this family because they don't know how to invite a single member, or go to them etc and just ignore them completely. It's the easiest. Not really a sign of John 13:35 being applied though! Even though WT/JWs like to brag about that.

  • hoser

    This elder is just plain unqualified to deal with this situation. To ignore a suicidal person and not get the health care system involved?

    the problem in the Jehovah's Witness religion is the reward system. This elder is rewarded for counting his time knocking on doors of empty houses instead if really helping a distressed member of the congregation.

    The problem with reinstatement is that it is applied so inconsistently. We had a disfellowshipped sister in our hall for years. She was living a clean life and was married to the non jw she had lived with years before. A new co came to visit, had a five minute meeting with her in the back room and the next week she was reinstated.

  • freemindfade
    Just show hows empty the organization is, don't think, don't feel, just show us you are reprogrammed into cult thinking, turn in your time, be visible, make a show of your cult loyalty.
  • SimonSays

    While I have sympathy for the Df’d person, it is clear that her recorded conversation is misrepresented by the narrator. The most that did happened was the lack of communication both parties had. Clarity is vital to understanding. Where the narrator erred was in the perception that the Df’d person still had in wanting to return which was clearly not the case. It is clear her intention of not returning was made with her last correspondence. Unfortunately the recorded conversation was made to confirm her disdain and unwillingness to return by her emotional state which lead others simply to conclude of her insincerity as a whole outcome to return. Showing her love for people was a symbolic gesture in her behalf nothing more while venting that she made clear it was inconsequential at that point. Miscommunication was obviously rampant here, as that’s a shame.

  • tiki

    this guy is just going in circles not saying a damned thing..........he sounds totally clueless to me. I do think this woman needs some serious professional help. she is trying desperately to get comfort and some supportiveness....but those buffoons are incapable of providing that. she needs to be redirected to some real therapy and to stop beating the dead horse....................

    that poor poor girl..............

  • rebelfighter

    Someone told me this was a loving organization. All 3 of these Elders should have responded immediately the moment they first heard she was suicidial and called the authorities, it is their responsibility. Had she of followed through with the suicide and they had knowledge of her threats they could be brought up on charges.

    To ignore a child in this situation is just plain ignorant. Again this is another case of emotional abuse. Where is the love here, what did the child do????? Answer that question. You leave him sitting, struggling in pain.

    I sure hope she teaches him TTATT!!

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