plagiarism in the bible- what I have learnt part one

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    Blues brother, the answer to the jw retort that it all came from the same source etc is... The Egyptian, Babylonian and Greek legends have all been shown to pre date any written Jewish texts by centuries in some cases. From an archaeological viewpoint the Torah is very young.

    So if "Jehovah" really wanted his law and name to be known then why did all these other ( far more advanced cultures) come up with the same ideas way in advance?

    These other sources do not predate the creation of the first man ( as the bible would understand it) but they do pre date the time that the bible says man was created.

  • purrpurr

    Magnum. I would recommend any books about the gods, myths and legends of the Egyptian, Babylonian, Greek and even Roman cultures. There are e books aplenty on the subject and most of them can be brought for pocket money prices.

    In addition I recommend such forums and websites as

    And also iron

  • WTWizard

    The whole LIE-ble is a work of fiction stolen from pagan gods and legends. Even that thing they call Jesus is fictitious, stolen from 18 pagan gods that hung from trees and fulfilled most or all the qualifications. They were also intentionally corrupted so you are given a debt (which is fake), given bad information so you cannot see it for what it is--lies, and you are frightened into believing in that thing without questioning it. Jesus was plagiarized from several legends--Odin and Horus are two of these.

    And let's not forget the sun. The sun fits these criteria. It "dies" every year around December 21, and is "reborn" on Christmas Day. The sun becomes our Savior around March 20 or 21, about when spring returns to the northern hemisphere. It "comes" repeatedly (so much for only a second coming, which is really intended for a messiah that intends to lead us into mass human slavery and damnation) by rising. Everything you hear that is positive about Jesus applies to the sun. Try telling children that in Sunday school or at a boasting session.

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    Village Idiot


    Bugbear, do you have any book recommendations? Anybody else?

    A good book on the subject of the Exodus is William Stiebing's Out of the Desert.

    It's based on the premise that there was an exodus from Egypt but that only a few thousand "Hebrews" were part of it not over a million like the Bible states.

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