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    New day
    Recently I heard through video link to our KH a talk by Bro Loesch where he attacked university study (again) but this time he prefaced his remarks by saying, and I quote, "the faithful slave does not forbid you to go to university." So this was a bad start as his following remarks made it clear that this was just a way of seeming reasonable while basically saying that we shouldn't do it. He went on to use an illustration I think he has used before about a man with OCD who decided to kill himself. He shot himself in the head but didn't die and the effect of the bullet actually cured his OCD. His warning was not to try something really risky (like university) as you might survive but was it worth the risk? He also compared it to someone who might survive a swim in shark-infested waters but , again, why do it? He sounded so arrogant, a sort of smiling assassin when he deigned to say the slave was not forbidding this ,but...He also counseled against even young children having any friends or playmates who are not children of Witnesses and encouraged parents to push their kids to become unbaptizes publishers at 7 or 8 and without mentioning it directly the inference was that they would also get baptized at a young age.
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  • steve2

    Sugar-coated warnings tend to go down better than bitter ones.

    Loesch knows if you strictly forbid something, you invite defiance.

    Far better to use sweet reason with catastrophic analogies. Gun shot to head??? Shark infested waters??? Oh my God!!!

    No one can accuse this man of subtlety.

    It is akin to the way in which the organization would state that it would not forbid certain practises but that those with Christian trained consciences could not be blamed for not engaging in those practises. Clever. Don't forbid - but make it damn hard for your flock to do with a clear conscience.

    Fear, Obligation and Guilt (FOG) keeps people imprisoned to the teachings of men.

  • ToesUp

    "He also compared it to someone who might survive a swim in shark-infested waters" So says' the SHARK!

    The only time we swam in shark-infested waters is when we were JW's.

  • rebelfighter
  • Finkelstein

    Religious cult leaders such as the GB heads of the WTS are hypocritically apathetic assholes .

    They vehemently try to control information not only in creating their own expressed doctrines but by outside secular knowledge, anything that might contravene their own teachings/knowledge.

    In spite of obtainable knowledge only in Universities and Colleges particularly concerning medical health.

    Gerrit Lösch one day could very well end up in a Hospital where the people treating him to keep him alive did go to Universities and Colleges for long time so they can do what they can to help people..

  • jdub1991
    I would appreciate some insight to my post from an hour ago please. have not gotten any feedback. thank you
  • Listener
    Can't have the jw pupil being smarter than the GB master.
  • ToesUp

    He mentions pursuing things on this side of armageddon. If that is the case why are they building a new headquarters? Why not be content with where you are now? After all the end is closer now than ever. How about all of the Brothers and Sisters you sent off to college to defend you in court? How about all the Brothers and Sisters you are "USING" at Bethel? You know the doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, builders, plumbers, electricians? The ones YOU are benefiting from. The ones who are working FREE for YOU!

    They hypocrisy is just through the roof!

  • stuckinarut2


    He says of those going to university : "some have good motives, and we will not judge them"

    Hypocrites! Absolute hypocrites!

    And to make light of an attempted suicide is plain sick!

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