Wt today and funding special pioneers

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  • Daisychaindream

    does anyone else feel like it was just a way to beg for donations!!!

    the society gives them a minimal wage to preach 130 hours so we should be the ones sending them money and good and clothes. It's not like they help the community they go to, I've known missionaries when I was younger who were in deepest darkest soith America in villages with no water, instead of passing in skills and worthwhile tools they just study then go home. GODS WORK??

    after the meeting in the queue to get out if the car park two susters who are old school (call the ministry 'the work' and still put their feet in the doorway etc) said they're setting up a fund to give a couple who are abroad money and a liveable wage..they aren't even missionaries!!!

  • Daisychaindream

    Oh god this smart phone is useless!! I can spell really!

  • Listener

    I don't think this is the usual process. You could ask them if their fund has been sanctioned by the elders in the congregation and whether they have registered this fund with the appropriate authorities.

  • Bobcat

    The article is entitled, "Remember Those in the Full-Time Service."

    It would be more honest if entitled, "Remember Those We Designate as Being in Full-Time Service."

    In contrast to the WT's selective "Full-Time Service," the great crowd is described in Rev 7:15 as "rendering [God] sacred service day and night in his temple." Disciples of Jesus are described by him as those who, "disown [themselves] and pick up [their] torture stake and continually follow me."

    The whole premise of the article reeks of Luke 18:9 - "But [Jesus] spoke this illustration also to some who trusted in themselves that they were righteous and who considered the rest as nothing."

  • Daisychaindream

    Listener, if only I could. I suspect as I was in my car at the end of the queue they didn't realise I was there. As I'm dfed I cant ask anyone.

  • Listener

    Sorry to hear that. At least they were outside the hall. The saying 'a fool and his money are soon parted' comes to mind.

  • Daisychaindream

    I don't think I would care if they actually did humanitarian work out there. Helping children learn life skills, raising money for clean water, teaching basic English or volinteering in medical establishments. It's like they leave their bubble world in England (where I am, applies to all 'first world' countries) and say Jehovah will solve all your problems!!! They could do good but all they do is talk about themselves and their own morals and ethics, and those who listen get the benefits of a bible study!!

  • sowhatnow

    james 2 16 is evidentally forgotten on the org as a whole

  • aintenoughwiskey

    You could also tell them to specify the funds be used for missionaries. They will probably get the cheque back and a scolding telling them to make it out to worldwide work. They don't like directed donations, because they can't add it to the $500,000,000.00 hedge fund. Everything the WTBT$ Incorporated does, is about money. Begging and Hoarding is their game, to the orphans and widows its see ya, keep warm and well fed.

  • AMO


    I thought one of the things that distiguish God chosen Jahovah witnesses is they dont pay, its all volentary work, or did i miss somthing lol.

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