Prayer - The ultimate act of stupidity

by Doltologist 32 Replies latest jw experiences

  • antes8080

    I beleive and God and think prayer is stupid and a waste of time.

    example last broadcast you had guy who lost his Job but prayed and some months later he found a Job. but all those months he had food and shelter thanks to the government who gave him unemployment not god.

    so if he is Christian or Hindu or budist, he is going get hooked up by the goverment, but try to do that in a third world country you will starve to death.

  • 3rdgen

    My thoughts on Gods existence: Agnostic If there is/was a creator it's long gone now creating something/someone else.

    My thoughts on prayer: Either God doesn't exist, so you're talking to yourself or you're talking to someone who already knows what you need even before you do so why should you have to ask? Is this creature's ego so fragile it needs praise first before it will grant a request? You must beg? That sounds like an unloving temperamental artist. Why would i want to talk to it?

  • cofty

    I don't think prayer is an act of stupidity.

    It's reasonable to hope that there is an unseen plan behind the vicissitudes of life. As children we look to our parents to make things right for us, to explain the things we don't, to set the rules and reward us for keeping them.

    The facts make it abundantly clear that there is nobody in control. If there was he is either impotent or uncaring. To find our own purpose in life and make moral judgements in a complex world is disconcerting. Facing up to our mortality is uncomfortable.

    Prayer is not stupid, it is a comfort blanket. It's a superstition that gives hope that all will be well.

    I prefer the rigours of reality.

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