Why new people visiting kingdom halls are able to comment while a reproved ones can't???

by hardtobeme 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • hardtobeme

    I have always asked myself that question. Why new people visiting kingdom halls give comments at meetings while a reproved brother can't?

    Who is more worldly?

    Is there something in the Bible that says that a reproved brother can't give a comment or prayer at meetings?

    I know you fellow apostate brothers would give me an answer for that one, specially elders.

  • punkofnice

    I think the eldubs are very careful whom they ask tbh. Well, that was my experience as an eldub.

    Whatever is or isn't allowed doesn't detract from the obvious....it's a high control group or cult.

  • nelim

    Is there something in the Bible....


  • Finkelstein

    Be careful the " Elders " are watching you .

    I'm reminded of this going on at Kingdom Halls

  • tim3l0rd
    I love it when they call on the non-JWs. Especially the whacked out ones that come around sometimes. In ASL, we get some deaf who come thinking that they are going to be fed or get some other support. They'll stand up and comment about how they have no money and need assistance and go on for a long time sometimes. Everyone just shakes their head. Does anyone help? Nope. They stop picking up that person for the meetings.
  • Crazyguy
    its all about control.
  • poopie
    I encourage those reproduced and.df to go to other cong and.comment
  • DarioKehl

    Let's review... (You know the rest)

    its all all about public shaming.

  • Oubliette
    DarioKehl: 25 minutes agoLet's review... (You know the rest)

    its all all about public shaming.

    Shaming AND control!

  • millie210

    The supposed reason is because a person who has had to be handled judicially may make a comment that is not "up-building" due to their weak spiritual state and may discourage others.

    A worldly person on the other hand is lower than dirt and practically hopeless anyhow (sarcasm) and doesnt pose a danger to even the most susceptible Witness who automatically knows they are ten tons better (again, sarcasm)

    see how that works?

    Oh...the real reasons were given above by other posters...control and shame.

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