JWs - A View From Outside

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  • dugout

    yo brock, read your other book jouney to Gods house. Real down to earth real stuff. Finished it in 2 days. Cant wait for this one. Grundy, i ask people about the JW witt and they just shake their heads

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Some time ago -- maybe in the '80s -- a WT study article declared that what the public doesn't understand (or care about) regarding the kingdom message they will clearly perceive when Jehovah sets things in motion; however, it will be too late because they tarried.

  • androb31


    Jehovah's Witnesses themselves are aware they are just a minor and tiny religion and throughout history it was always like that. The israelites were just a tiny nation.... noah and only 7 others were saved.. abraham and Lot only ones that were saved etc etc always tiny amounts of believers that were seen as 'right' and the big majority seen as 'wrong'

    I'd agree that this is the case when it suits a JW to point to 'thus and such' as being evidence that they are the only true religion.

    One minute a JW will point to their large numbers and rapid growth as proof that they are the truth (we're the fastest growing religion out there I've heard), then the next minute when it's pointed out how relatively small they are then that becomes the proof as well because "narrow is the path and few are those that find it".

    I've had this exact conversation with my JW mom and she can spin any point I make into evidence that JW's have the true religion.

  • steve2

    The concept of how many 'degrees' of separation there are between everyone on earth has been discussed a lot in recent decades.

    Each person on earth is supposed to be in some way linked to everyone else by at most '7' other people. Apparently, no matter who the other specified, named individual is, you know someone (1) who knows someone else (2), who knows someone else (3), who knows someone else (4), who knows someone else (5), who knows someone else (6), who has direct contact with that very individual in person.

    There are seldom, if ever, more degrees of separation that 7 - so the theory goes; and often there are fewer degrees.

    If that broad principle even applies to complete but named strangers living absolutely anywhere else on earth, ( to borrow an overworked Watchtower phrase) how much more it would apply to everyone on earth at least knowing someone who knows someone etc who knows a specified individual who belongs to a relatively minor religious group such as JW.org - I mean Jehovah's Witnesses. How many degrees of separation are there between me and a named Mormon who lives in Africa? 2? Or a named member of a tiny splinter group of back to basics Catholics in Belguim?

    Or between me and named active recruited members of ISIS - this is pertinent given that up to 60 New Zealanders are known to have left NZ to join ISIS. Too scary to calculate. Or between me and President Obama? Or between me and the French President?

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