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  • Gorbatchov
    Ehhhh we had the greatest man book already? Why a new one? Again a money begging issue?!?!
  • paulmolark

    Such garbage... so now that all the hoopla of them having a book for the disfellowshipped is over I guess we can all just sit back and watch that hour long movie, which I must say has some pretty good production quality.

    They have come a long way since that animated Noah VHS tape ROFL

  • Quarterback

    That Lost Sheep brochure has some subtle messages in it. In some personal experiences expressed it mentions actions that are not manifested in our treatment of DF'd ones. Note:

    HOW WILL THE CONGREGATION RECEIVE ME? You can be sure that members of the congregation will warmly welcome you. Rather than criticize or judge you, they will con- firm their love for you and do whatever they can to encourage you.—Hebrews 10:24, 25. “I was embarrassed to return to the Kingdom Hall. I wondered how the friends would treat me. One of our elderly sisters who was there 30 years ago said to me, ‘Welcome home, Son!’ That really touched my heart. I was truly home.”—Javier. “I went to the Kingdom Hall and sat in the last row so that no one would notice me. However, many began to recognize me from the days when I had attended as a child. They welcomed me and embraced me so affectionately that I felt an overwhelming peace. It was as if I had come home.”—Marco. HOW WILL THE ELDERS HELP ME? The elders will treat you kindly. They will commend you for your desire to rekindle “the love you had at first.” (Revelation 2:4) They will mercifully help you to correct any mistakes you have made, doing so “in a spirit of mildness.” (Galatians 6:1; Proverbs 28:13) The elders may arrange for someone to conduct a study with you, perhaps in a publication such as Draw Close to Jehovah or “KeepYourselves in God’s Love.” Rest assured that the elders will comfort and support you every step of the way.—Isaiah 32:1, 2. “During the eight years that I was inactive, the elders kept reaching out to me. One day, an elder showed me some pictures he had taken of us. They brought back so many wonderful memories that I began to long for the joy I felt when I served Jehovah. The elders lovingly helped me reestablish a spiritual routine.” —

  • ToesUp
    We are 27 minutes into the what is true love video. We will watch the remainder of it later today. So far it is exactly as expected...Judgmental and has the JW spin on everything. So predictable!
  • ToesUp

    What do all these new releases mean?

    1. Donations are down.

    2. People are leaving "the truth." Oh no!

    3. Sisters are marrying unbaptized or evil worldly men.

    This is great! We don't have to do a thing, the GB/organization are doing it all for us. Beautiful!!!

    Keep up the great work GB, you are putting the nail in your own coffin.

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    The Searcher

    Two types of lost sheep:

    1) Inactive lost sheep - J.W.'s can talk to these ones and try and get them back into the KH.

    2) Disfellowshipped lost sheep - these are the offspring of Satan himself and must be totally avoided!


    Image result for pic of sheepImage result for baby devils pics

  • OneFingerSalute

    What are they guys in the writing department doing all the days ??

    Practicing their ASL masturbation video techniques?

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