Some interesting points when considering Russell's masonic activities.

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  • Finkelstein

    Russell was saying he was a Freemason metaphorically in that he was teacher himself, a masonic builder

    under god's divine will and purpose.

    His close association with this organization might have also spurred on his retributive position on the rest of

    Christendom just as the Freemason theology teaches.


    You cant build a Watchtower without Mason , can you now ?

  • HappyDad

    FYI. The Masonic connection with CTR is a moot point. It has been talked about to no end on this and other forums. If you actually kept up with this forum, you would have seen that Barbara Anderson actually contacted the hightest Masonic people to see if there ever was a connection and the answer is NO! How plain does it have to be? Your research is not to be condemned, but it hasn't gone deep enough. Just check Barbara's web site and you can get all the research answers you need to this and quite a few other questions about the early society.

    Glad to have you here though!


  • Finkelstein

    I also think Russell used the term Freemason subjectivly to signify that he was free from mainstream

    Christendom's hierarchal control in interpreting the bible and its content.


    He did denounce Christendom as a whole in its practice and professed doctrines, on many occasions.


    Whatever. If CTR knew the Masons " logic" then he or a family member was associated with them. The point being that GOD did not choose any facet of the WTBTS as his "sole channel" of truth. Its ALL a bunch of shit that will drive you bat-shit crazy. If God can't do any better than this, he doesn't deserve my worship.


  • oldguy

    Well, since I initiated this discussion I have learned some new things on the subject for which I am grateful.

    I was adopted at 33 months old by a 32nd or 33rd degree Master mason, his wife was up the scale in the Eastern Star Society and both his brothers were 33 degree Schriners.

    From my experience many clergymen in fundamentalist denominations did not want their membership in secret societys publically known.

    If you were a past master in good standing and asked the lodge to investigate the membership roles you might get an honest investigation and truthful reply.

    It would be like a worldly person requesting the WTS to inquire into the standing or private records of a JW elder. Good luck!

    But Thanks again everyone for your contribution to the subject.

  • Finkelstein

    Have considered that myself Oldguy, the Freemasons aren't the most open of organizations but as Barbara Anderson's

    investigation went, the people at those Lodges to which she inquired didn't state they don't give out names of their membership.

    They told her that they did look at their past records and couldn't find the Rutherfords listed.

    One would have to assume that they intensionally lied then ???


    Nevertheless it would be carelessly irresponsible to not connect Russell with some of the Freemason's theological teachings.

    Many of Russell's talks he gave were in Freemason Halls as he traveled about.

    Pyramidology plays a part of the Freemason theology, if not now, certainly back in the late 1800's ie ... ( US dollar bill )


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