Where Are You on The Witno Scale?

by tresdecu 57 Replies latest jw friends

  • Fernando

    Our whole family is 6 or more (now SBNR).

  • Comatose

    5 on your scale

    6 on the added one with hate it

    If I received a personal message or visit from a god who existed I still wouldn't go back. I would acknowledge he exists since he proved it, but I would still choose not to go back. I as a human who knows right from wrong, do not want any part of a religion that thinks millions of innocent children will die a bad death at Armageddon. If my kind, good, lovely and good neighbors were worthy of death then I would join them. I'd be condemned and killed in VERY GREAT company.

  • singlebaby

    98.5% sure it's completely BS, but my wife is 110% competely sure it's the TRUF!

  • John_Mann

    7- Almost indifferent.

    The WT have no power itself. The WT is just a human expression, even if we send every trace of WT to burn into sun, the collective human nature will find another way to produce the same thing WT already does. So with or without it the result is the same, you just can do something about you. You just can free yourself from this human trait (fanaticism).

    Today I just like to keep update with the JW world because I use it as a small scale model of the world. I like to make predictions of a system (JW world) I know very well and use this skill to extrapolate into the real world scale. The human nature its the same even in a closed system (JW) or in an open one (real world).

    The JW world its an interesting interdependent three-head system: JW doctrines - GB - Rank&File. It's amazing to watch these three working in a clunky way.

    I think the next step will be to change the literal 144,000 to a symbolic interpretation. They just can't ignore that anymore. I have some wild predictions too like the end of restriction of women to be MS, elders and even GB members. And I can see they starting a JW University (I know it sounds crazy... but I have a gut feeling about this). Because the world tends to people be very specialized and feminism are becoming very strong.

  • Crazyguy

    5, Its a cult!!!!!

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    5. Walked away over three years ago. Will never return.

  • clarity

    Sail Away ....hi & welcome! Tell us more on your

    introductory post if you are feeling OK about it.


  • AlphaMan

    Welcome Sail Away.....yes, please do start a post introducing yourself.

  • abbasgreta

    at least 10

  • Powermetal4ever

    Unfortunately 3.

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