Watchtower made money off Hurricane Katrina?

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  • Justnowout

    Atlantis, nice find/referance but as noted, this was prevelant during the repairs from hurricane andrew, 10 years prior to that referance

  • Atlantis


    Lets stay with the main point here, shall we? The main point is that the Watchtower is making money from disaster relief insurance checks. Regardless of which disaster it may have been. The Watchtower could have been doing this for the last 50 years for all we know. Now, are we done here, or would you like to debate this issue?


  • Atlantis

    I can tell you from my own experience that in 1960 when hurricane Donna came through Florida, my father who held three positions in the congregation gave his insurance check to the Watchtower Society. Dad worked for a building materials company and he received a discount for every thing he purchased.

    The utility shed we owned was totally destroyed and my father received an insurance check which valued more than what he actually paid for it. He knew he would be able to replace it very easily. That was 54 years ago! The point is, the Watchtower will take money any way it can and not blink an eye.

    In 1990 a well known drug dealer in Jacksonville Florida visited a congregation for a wedding of a JW relative of his. You should have seen the brothers eyes when this guy put wads of one hundred dollar bills in the contribution box. Every elder in the Kingdom Hall knew where that money came from!


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