Special Meeting at Bethel by GB just before Annual Meeting

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  • notsurewheretogo

    I see there is a special meeting held by the GB at Bethel a week before the Annual Meeting.

    Wonder what that will be about?

  • quellycatface

    How much more of the bullshit can we churn out.

    How much more money can we get out of the R & F.

    How do we deal with 100 yrs Messianic Rule and 1914 etc.....

    Any other business.

    Convene to a local bar.

  • tim hooper
    tim hooper

    Here we go. A hidden camera recorded 2 GB members discussing the upcoming special meeting:


  • sir82

    Let me guess...the theme of the "special meeting" is "Do More, You Miserable Worms! And Obey Us!"


    A bunch of delusional men who actually believe that they are the sole mouthpiece of God, talking about how to do "GOD'S" work.

    Translation: Mostly old men, who needed medication and counselling, talking about how to serve the living corporation that became their God.

    So what will they talk about? Why, how to expand and follow the chariot of course! What does that mean?? How do keep this sweet real estate/ free labor gig running until Warwick is done? How do we save face as time marches right over our failed predictions based on some scrolls that the Council of Nicea thought were cool. How to stop the apathy creeping into the ORG?!? The young ones know that we are not cool! How about more dancing and talent shows?!?

    So it's business as usual. Full steam ahead and let the spirit ( legal team reacting to the delusional leaders throwing caution to the wind by trying to reign in decades of BS and bad decisions) lead the way!! Whatever happens, Big J is in charge!! Listen, Obey, and be Blessed!!


  • jookbeard

    stab in the dark, a dig deeper talk by any chance?

  • TTATTelder

    Tim hooper - Funny stuff :)

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Maybe a few days before the annual meeting some Bethelites, by virtue of their responsibilities, will inevitably get knowledge of new light or new policies to be unveiled at the annual meeting.

    But the GB wants to prevent the embarrassment of such confidential information leaking out ahead of its grand revelation at the annual meeting. They don't want apostate sites like JWN stealing their thunder and exposing the fact that there are dissidents at Bethel. So in a desperate bid to avoid this the GB will meet with all the Bethelites to stress the need to maintain confidentiality.

    Those who will have the privilege of knowing new info. ahead of the official unveiling will be impressed upon to keep their mouths shut. Maybe they'll be informed that they'll be on lock down for that week, no one being allowed to leave the compound until after the annoucement at the annual meeting; and all their electronic communications would be monitored.

    Those at Bethel who wont have the privilege of knowing will be told that, for that final week, they're to treat those who have the privilege of knowing as apostates, avoiding communication with them so that there's no possibility of them divulging the new light to them before Jehovah's great and powerful celestial chariot driven by the almighty GB, drives up on the red carpet at the annual meeting and thunderously proclaims its earth-shattering revelation of new light.

    Those Bethelites who refuse to comply with these directives will be expelled from Bethel and disfellowshipped for brazen conduct.

  • Londo111

    Perhaps they are selling Patterson or Walkhill...or both. And/or telling all but a few Bethelites the good news that they are being "reassigned" to pioneer in thier home congergations.

  • WTWizard

    I wonder if they are going to push their no-sex crap as a smokescreen. When they are just about finished with the poverty workings (they will maintain them, however), and people are seeing that nothing happened as that nazarene's 100 year anniversary brought in nothing, they need something else to distract them. Having marriage restricted or a catch-22 situation set up against it (such as needing self-control to marry, but anyone having such self-control really shouldn't marry lest they not be doing all they can for joke-hova) is a distinct possibility. They could further restrict who they can marry, start putting teeth in assigned seating at a$$emblies and require justification to attend a different boasting session (perhaps even using people slipping out that way as an excuse), and cracking down hard on dating worldly people (and especially fornication) are quite likely. I am looking for such in a soon-upcoming Kool-Aid.

    For sure, that would distract from that nothing happened during the 100 year anniversary of the nazarene rulership. And it would distract people from slipping back into seeking silver and gold against financial collapses ahead.

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